Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PR: Seasonals

I'm behind, I know...I haven't even watched episode seven yet. Here are my thoughts on episode 6's looks:

The designers went head to head for the sixth episode, with pairs designing for a particular season. On the whole, I wasn't that impressed with the results.

Austin--The pastel cardi, the floral blouse, the high-waisted, high-water khakis--it was just Too. Much. The blouse, seen up close, is actually pretty. The pants, on the other hand, made the model look huge in the hips and thighs. Adding the floral print to the cardi, thus making a twinset, was not a wise choice. Some bling might have been better.
Kara--It's true that her look didn't have much "design" in it, but it also had an easy freshness. I quite liked the silver cardi. I also have an affection for wide-legged white pants, brought about by one of Ellen Brody's outfits in Jaws.

Jerrell vs. Michael
Jerrell--His coat was the more stylish of the two. The garments beneath were kind of ho-hum. I'm afraid Jay McCarroll's runway collection from back in the day has spoiled me for wintry knitwear.
Michael--I liked the black sleek sleeve and fuzzy armwarmer look Michael had. On the whole, I think we had too much of the one textile.

Kenley--Blue and white polkadotted sunsuit, as we used to call them. For a grown-up. I couldn't really get behind that, I'm afraid.
Mondo--Leopard spotted drape top and black and white shorts with a high waist and yellow belt. I'm sorry to say I also could not get behind this look. Summer gave the designers a problem, which surprised me. Summer should be a breeze!

Mila--Mila's look kind of interested me. I have mixed feelings about the cape, but it is a clean look, and I liked it with the red and the jean. The look was sleek and young, but also decent. It was a very nice fall choice. In fact, Mila's outfit was my favorite for the week.
Rami--A blue drapey jacket...with some kind of shoulder pad. Chartreuse...blouse? And gray pant. And a red handbag. And russet and purply shoes. I In a way, I could see what Rami was getting at, but also...not. The result was baffling.

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