Thursday, February 23, 2012

PR: Where's Klaus?

I have to admit that, while I have vague memories of what the various chambers at the United Nations look like, I have much stronger memories of the hot guide we had when we went there on our senior trip. He was from Denmark, and at least part of his name was Klaus. I completely faked a picture of a chamber to get a picture of Klaus. He was young, and had brown hair and tan skin, and when he came to retrieve my group, I just remember being silenced by his dreaminess. Not a single girl in my group was unaffected. There was a lot of not-so-subtle giggling, I'm afraid. And did I mention his accent? Yes. Pure blooded awesome.

10 minutes later...
Wait...what are the designers doing? I saw them pick flags, but I was too busy remembering Klaus to pay attention to the challenge. Something about flag-related garments?

Austin (Seychelles)--This is kind of typical Austin in shape. Draped chiffon, fluid, pastel, with a V neckline of sorts. I wasn't a fan of the back. It looked unfinished back there, or hurried. Just not quite intentional enough.
Jerrell (India)--A large expanse of green chiffon. That really was all I saw (which is funny, because the judge just said the same thing). I really wasn't into this look. Even when I saw the dress itself, it was strange...short and shiny. I mean it's INDIA. Get excited. Do something phenomenal and new, and don't just drape a big piece of fabric over the whole thing.
Kenley (Chile)--Very, very short and ruffly. Thus, Very Kenley. The heart fabric was kind of strange. The red and white stripe was a little too small, I think, which made it look pink. That was a questionnable move. I'm not sure if I got Chile out of this dress.
Michael (Greece)--The man loves a low back, no? I love a nice drapey white fabric with a columnar look, but it was a little expected to have a goddessy dress. That's why they're called Grecian dresses. I wonder if a more updated Mediterranean girl look would have been more suitable.
Mila (Papua New Guinea)--It definitely looks very Mila. I also love how she knocks Kenley for doing the same thing over and over when, really, she does, too. I didn't especially care for the skirt choice. That left side was SO very long.
Mondo (Jamaica)--All black was definitely a danger. Then she turns and you get the boom of the green and yellow chevron. Mizrahi didn't like that, but I did. I like a color pop back there, and I think if you didn't know this was a flag-inspired challenge, you might be engaged by it. The shape of the dress really was kind of Jamaica. It said Jamaica. How? I can't figure that out.

My winner would be Mondo. Out would be Jerrell. The judges did not fully agree with me.

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