Thursday, February 02, 2012

PR: "Ladies, That's How You Get a Man."

"Find a muse to inspire a fashion-forward look," in the park.
By the have to use their clothes. You have $150 to bribe them.
A two-day challenge.
Meanwhile, I liveblog.

How did the designers do on the street?
Anthony's first choice was hilarious. Her top is wild. That seemed a big risk, but in a way it wasn't, because he picked someone who looked intrigued by being a fashion muse. He spotted the open personality.
Kenley's choice looked a little vague and flat. Several were, in fact...boring stripes, black and white, nothing really special.
Austin's choice of muse was perfect for him--I was worried, because his lank and personality inspires skepticism in some people...but then again, he is the most famous of this bunch.
Mondo's choice was lucky. That woman's dress looked kind of tailor-made for his interests.
Kara definitely picked up an admirer while she was begging. I think that's the route I would have gone. Look for an attractive man in an interesting color and turn on the flirt. I admit that I also might have tried to get his pants.
Props to designers giving some dollars to Kara, too.
A little side thought--I kind of hate the term "fashion-forward." I get what it is meant to mean, but given the recycling of fashions and trends over time, and the difference styling makes, I don't think it really means what it is meant. Or that it can mean what it's meant.
Another side-thought--I like the All-Stars because there is so much less drama. It's all personal battles within designers rather than cat fights between least at this point. They consult with each other. They diss each other's individual looks sometimes in the interviews, intelligently, but they don't have open animosity toward each other. That's a nice change. I fear, though, that it might just be early. How long before it snaps? (Directly following this thought was pantsgate between Michael and Mila about Kenley and Kara's pants. Get over it, kids. Kenley is being Kenley.)

Hold up...Sean Avery in the house as judge? Hockey star? Who interned at Vogue? I think my brain just exploded. Is this possible?

Michael--Oh, the hotpants. I actually like the top. It's that pink again, which I like. I'm not into the panties as outerwear. I mean, why? Bad, bad idea.
Austin--Leather skirt with striping, jacket with hardware. I like the striping in the skirt, but it is a little too stiff. There is a little too much hardware on the jacket. That being said, it's nice to see Austin do something edgy, and you could see the relationship with his muse.
Kara--I actually like her top I think, the patterns. Wish I could've gotten a better look.
Mila--Definitely something Mila would wear. It looks kind of slouchy to me, though. Actually, I think she literally did make something like that outfit in her season.
Jerell--What the what? So crazy. I have no idea what this outfit was about. There was nothing pretty or engaging here. Please. This man has shown very little taste in his garments as an all-star. It's time to end that ride.
Rami--I like the drape of the top. The shorts...well, I don't know what it is, but I never feel that into shorts that the designers make. Why? They're not all too short or badly made. I just feel meh about them all the time.
Kenley--She produced something a little edgier than usual, which I like to see from her. Wasn't a big fan of the red check pockets or whatever they were, but I liked the shape of the dress.
Anthony--Red palazzos and a black halter...and a bag with that print from his first muse. It's true it didn't quite meet the challenge, of course. I wish he'd done something with all those T-shirts. Like the first season's cotton challenge!
Mondo--I like the little jacket, actually. Not a big fan of the bottoms--shorts, I guess they are. The jacket, though, was original looking and well pieced. Good use of denim. The judges complained that a woman couldn't go anywhere with that outfit, but I disagree. There are numerous applications for that jacket.

Spoiler alert.
Though I didn't approve of the whole outfit, I approve of Mondo for the win. That jacket was really something else, and I am appreciating his more tempered use of pattern and color without losing his flair.
I'm sorry to see Anthony go. His light-heartedness was a lift in the workroom this season.
Crud. Looks like next week is going to be all fighty. I hate head-to-head challenges on PR. Well, so much for the good feeling.

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