Thursday, February 23, 2012

PR: The Theatre, The Theatre

What an absolutely fantastic challenge. The designers were asked to create a costume of separates for a character in Godspell, a Broadway show known for quirky, even crazy costumes of bits and pieces. Yes. The character is the "rich woman," the hoarder of wealth. Yes again. This costume will be worn in the show, and the designer will get a bio in the program. Yesssssss.
There was so much room for creativity here, and finally the designers get to do what so many of them want to do anyway: Design a costume! Were I an All Star, I would have eaten this challenge up.

The results--please note that I did these during the runway, not during the judging. I felt the same way a lot of the judges did, I noticed!

Austin--I actually kind of liked the shiny jumper Austin produced for a Godspell costume. That was very similar to my idea of the stage-assembly of the costume, and the movement needed. The hat also worked. The leggings and shrug weren't quite right, though. Too dark, and it made it feel like there wasn't enough to the costume. Some color in the leggings would have put this over the top. This for me was the second highest look.
Jerrell--The skirt was not remotely showy enough. So flat looking! The sleeves of the jacket and the peekaboo front of it were interesting, but also too closed up overall. There wasn't enough whimsy there. It was almost more secretarial than rich woman.
Kara--The costume did indeed look "Rich Bitch" but that was not enough for this challenge. That's not a stage costume. People would actually wear that, together, which is not Godspell to me. The musical's characters are kind of motley. That's the point. Kara's look didn't give me that feeling.
Kenley--I liked Kenley's skirt, but not for a costume. She didn't look dynamic enough at all really. I feel like it was too "pretty." The shape of the coat was right, but there wasn't enough volume and the colors were too pastel.
Michael--Michael's hairpiece had the right whimsy. The blouse and skirt didn't look costumey enough. The judges had it exactly right--it didn't have enough eccentricity.
Mila--I didn't really get Mila's outfit. The skirt and jacket were kind of hookerish, which was not the right direction. Or rich daddy's girl after a night of partying. There wasn't a sense of eccentricity here, either.
Mondo--Mondo was the clear winner here. The character of the rich woman in a quirky costume plays right to his design strengths. The mixed patterns, the glimmer in the fabrics, and the styling worked flawlessly. The jacket was a little bit too perfect in shape, not quite motley enough, but other than that I really liked his look. It had the whimsy needed for this musical.

This is an interesting cut, because the bottom looks weren't terribly bad, they just didn't fit the challenge. That being said, the execution of Kara's skirt was kind of alarming, as was Mila's skirt's appearance. Those were my bottom two, and I felt either could go.

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