Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh no! Pre-spring break is ruining my brain!

I was all set to write a quickie post with my five favorites of things, like stand-up comedians and lines from Supernatural. And then I realized that no one is interested in any of those things and I really couldn't think of five of anything else that I like, and now I don't have a single interesting thing to write about. Is it possible to have blog writers block? Because that seems very counterintuitive. It's also raining today and it's making me wicked sleepy even though I could probably come up with a million things I should be doing, like grading essays and preparing more stuff for class the week we get back from break, and sending emails and working on lists and calendars and posters and press releases for Spring Harvest Prom and on my flyer for the workshop I'm doing.
I want to go home.

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Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in a list of top five comedians:)

good luck with all the stuff...rain does have the sleepy effect, which is actually kind of good for me now that I work third shift...soothing and such. hope all's well:)