Monday, March 12, 2007

Some tasks I accomplished on Spring Break:
Finished essays
Finished my new puzzle
Finished The Austere Academy
Reread Desert Eden (there's no graphic here; take my word for it it's steamy)
Did laundry
Got my hair cut
Got my car looked at
Visited a dance teacher's new studio
Watched old recital videos (ps I was in sweet shape when I was a senior in high school. I will look back on that year as the very best for my body, I think...not too skinny, nicely proportioned for a thin dance girl, healthy face. And I was good.)
Looked at pictures from the early 90s
Ate my mother's cooking
Watched The Prestige and The Illusionist
Watched the Spartans win a playoff hockey game from ONE ROW BEHIND THE BENCH. (If you're asking whether I enjoyed it, the answer is...yes. I have seldom, if ever, enjoyed seats more. Thanks, Mom.)

Some tasks I did not accomplish on Spring Break:
Getting work sent on to magazines (I did however collect magazine info)
Putting away my laundry
Watching Little Miss Sunshine and Marie Antoinette
Planning for my wings
Washing of quilt fabric
Really and truly relaxing. I tried so hard, so hard to just rest and not worry about anything coming up this week. But that's so difficult for me and, while I came close, I just didn't make it all the way. I did, however, take a nice bath last night that made me deliciously sleepy. To be honest, I kind of can't wait to make it back to bed.

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