Monday, March 19, 2007

If you're wondering...

...whether prom was a success, the answer is yes. many people were there, the answer is I don't know, because they gave us more wristbands than the envelope said.
...if I now have the worst backache evah, the answer is yep.
...whether I got poems sent in the mail today, oh yeah, baby.
...if I'm getting essays today, which will be read while I am wearing jammies, yup.
...if I'm trying with all my heart to enjoy the last 23 minutes of this week's existence without essays, Oh my goodness, yes.
...if I'm super-geeked that MSU won an at-large bid to the NCAA playoffs for hockey, WHOO HOO!
...if I'm likewise super-geeked that both MSU and BG are in the second-round of the women's basketball NCAA tourney, yupyup! (although I am irritated that espn lists BG as BGU instead of BGSU. Duh, ESPN. You can spell out Delaware St but not add the correct letter to our Univ acronym?)
...whether it's time to teach...sadly, yes.

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Stephanie King said...

Hello Miss Abby! I am wondering... could you please send me your address? You can send it to Thank you!!!