Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dear Clothing Stores,
Gold is still a holiday color, isn't it? Imagine my surprise when in five stores I couldn't find a simple, gold top in my size that would be cute with pants and not make me look sluttish in church. Thank goodness for the often slutty Charlotte Russe and their wide array of gold shirts, one of which fit and wouldn't show too much of my bosom to the congregation.

Yeah, so the car is all greased up, and I am pink carnationed (Saturn gives a lil' present to each of its owners when they come in for maintenance). As yet, we still have no Christmas tree, that task being delayed for the morrow. I spent an hour and a half frantically searching a mall for a shirt, leaving no time to look for shoes. Now I am drinking today's beer, a bottle of Great Lakes Brewing Co. Christmas Ale, updating my blog with a box elder beetle checking my progress. I don't know if you're familiar with these with red markings, sort of crispy looking and spindly. Very Michigan. I am also listening to MSU kick UWGB's bottoms.
I need to wrap presents, but I just woke up from a big, fat nap and am feeling serious inertia.

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Anonymous said...

I have a Saturn too. Don't recall ever getting a carnation though and they just did 650 worth of work. And they forgot to do the oil change I mentioned no less than three times. But I'm taking it back in becuase they extended an expired deal to change the oil, the windshield wipers (though I bought new ones not too long ago) and a couple other things as a consolation
for their mess up. Maybe I'll get a flower then...