Friday, December 16, 2005

This is my blog.

'Sup, peeps?
My students always laugh when I say that. Probably because I'm a 27-year-old girl of very caucasian descent, teaching their boring composition class. I think it's especially funny when I'm wearing a suit.
I thought I'd start a blog. Steve has one, so it must be all right. I just bought a cell phone, so I guess a blog was inevitable. Many things I do are to be more like Steve.
Here's a lot of stuff about me:
I'm a poet. I like to craft. I like to drink Dr. Pepper and watch TV in my small, warm apartment. I like to take baths with bath products from Lush or Bath and Body Works or, really, wherever, as long as it's safe.
I like Sprees and Sweet Tarts. I eat too many and get stomachaches. I am a fan of gummy bears, but they bother my teeth so I don't eat them much. Strawberry milkshakes are perfect, if you get them at Tasty Twist in East Lansing, MI. My favorite food is my Mom's french fries, though, followed closely by olives. My favorite weird food is artichokes...plain, whole, boiled artichoke where you pull the leaves off, dip 'em in butter, and scrape, that's right, scrape off the "meat" with your teeth. That's a damn fine vegetable.
I drive a Saturn. It's a sensible car, except when the ignition won't accept my key. Sometimes it chooses to exert control over me that way. My car is gold. I call it Oriel. I know someone with a Saturn with a license plate ridiculously similar to mine.
I'm allergic to dust. I'm afraid of indoor centipedes. These are both problems when it comes time to vacuum. Ever notice how those centipedes always appear after a thorough vacuum?
I like to dance. Right now I'm obsessed with the Shakira song "Eyes Like Yours." And Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give It Up (pt.1)." I belly danced in my apartment last night for an hour. I think I will maintain this exercise because I sure felt awesome after I finished. I'm sad because the last time I wore my pointe shoes I realized my ankles are ridiculously weak now.
I'm learning to knit. It's going pretty well. I'm also "learning" guitar, and soon I shall tackle crocheting. The sewing thing is pretty well down now. I have projects backed up by a mile. Probably literally...if you laid all the fabric I have end to end, it might make a mile. Tomorrow, though, I intend to go get more because JoAnn's is having another frickin' sale. Those people got my number. I'm also a closet jigsaw puzzle fanatic.
I'm always looking for new skills. One New Year's Eve I took up chess. I suck, but I just wanted to know how. Sometimes things stick, like mah jongg. Sometimes, they don't...I haven't played chess in about two years. I'd like to learn more tai chi. And I'd actually like to take belly dancing. That way, when I say "ballet dancer" and people mishear me, and think I said "belly dancer," they'll still be right. I like to do things for others.
I'm cold a lot. People say, cold hands, warm heart, and I don't know if that's true, except I'm a Scorpio and we tend to be "mysterious, sexy, and passionate" so maybe that makes my heart warm. The fact is, I'm skinny and have poor circulation, and if my feet are cold at bedtime I will shiver all night. Then, about 4 am, I will boil.
I have chronic shoulder trouble. It's interesting, because I give a good back massage, and give them often to a few souls in particular, but I never get one anymore. It sucks. I'm not very good at relaxing.
I regularly watch Charmed and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The shame is, they're on at the same damn time. I have an official "Charmed" tape. The other two shows I try to catch are Medium and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The rest of the time I watch movies or TV I don't really care about that much, which is sad. I hate reality TV. Except EMHE, which doesn't count.
I just remembered that I missed the new episode of Project Runway. Sometimes I watch that, and I meant to this week, and I missed it. That's ok, because they have a website that makes it easy to avoid the drama and still see the clothes.

I also like Ghosthunters. I have always liked ghosts, or liked the concept of ghosts. I don't think I've ever had an encounter with a spirit, except once in my friend's garage when the garage door kept going up and down and no one was there. That was kind of weird. I don't know what I would do if I saw a ghost, but I love it when TAPS finds something that they can't explain. That doesn't happen very often, but when it does it rocks. I think it would be awesome to be on their team. TAPS! Hire me!
I'm stubborn. I'm impatient. I like to help people, and feel useful. I like to be loved, but freak out when people seem to like me a lot and I don't know why. I realize that might make me a control freak, but anyone who has seen the messy state of my house and office will know the control issues are limited.
I like hockey and soccer. I like sunshine, and despite my firm belief that winter is necessary, I get depressed in the winter when I'm cold all the time. I like boys, and they depress me, too.
Sometimes I have perfect days. Once, I made cold salads and planned a whole day of doing nothing but eating and reading the latest Harry Potter, delivered to my door in the morning, in the sunshine, and that's exactly what happened. It was the most beautiful thing.
I'm hungry.

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