Saturday, December 17, 2005

Rhapsody for Pink Shantung

Pink. Pink. Pink.
Now, while I am a bit of a tomboy, it can now be reliably reported that my girly side has been kicked up a notch. Let me tell you what I'm talkin here...
I just bought five or six yards of pink shantung. For those of you uninitiated into the sewing world, that's a type of silk, slightly nubby or unfinished looking. Now, I grant you the shantung I bought was not necessarily great quality. It was possibly cotton or rayon; I didn't check, and I don't care, because it was $ 2.50 a yard...that's 50 % clearance from the already $5 closeout price, down from who knows what was its normal price (my estimate: $9.99 a yard).
I also bought several other fabrics in pink, purple, wine, and related colors. The project? A delicious gypsyish belly dancing costume. Not your Halloween/Bachelor Party variety with chiffon and little else. We're talking real fabric that will actually move around when I whip my hips, such as they are, around in feisty little circles.
I bought a bunch of other awesome stuff, too, some with objectives and some without. That's the great thing about clearance sales. You can buy a hundred and thirty-five dollars worth of exciting fabric and notions and just stew about it until you're damn good and ready to use it.

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