Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Things I do in Michigan

What I did yesterday:
1. Eye appointment, where we found that my right eye is worse than my left, but did not change my prescription, where I got my eyeglasses lenses changed ON THE SPOT (technology is cool) because they hadn't been changed ever, and bought an outrageously awesome pair of prescription sunglasses, Ralph Lauren, pink frames, that's right, I said PINK. They are hot and will be mailed to me when I return to BG.
2. Went to Bottom's Up, a lingerie/dancewear store, to try to find something to wear whilst dancing on Christmas Eve. Also went to a place called Dusty's Cellar to get some things and beer.
3. Went to church to practice said Christmas Eve dance with my papa, who is singing. I love my church. It's changed a lot with a huge remodel, but it's still my church. I feel at home there, and love that it was just open for me to walk around in and enjoy.
4. Went to Starbucks and got a venti chai latte. Took it to...
5. Get my hair cut. Felt like a rock star walking around the rather enormous salon institute, with my Starbucks and no makeup on.
6. Went back to Bottom's Up to visit my friend Michelle.
7. Came home and was restless, but drank the most heavenly beer I've ever had, in that it tasted like raspberries instead of beer. It was Framboise Lambic and was belgian, and it was expensive. And I love it. You would hate it.
8. Ate dinner and went to bed to read a book.

What I'm doing today:
1. Getting my car's oil changed at Saturn.
2. Picking out a Christmas tree with my padre.
3. Going to the mall to try to find a shirt to wear Christmas Eve. I have the pants under control. The shirt is a problem.
4. I don't know what else. I'm trying to keep myself busyish, when I should be relaxing. But I can't relax, so keeping busy seems to be the thing to do. Obviously, I need a gym.

I read a good quote yesterday, from Ellen DeGeneres, and it will be part of a new mantra for me: "My life is perfect, even when it's not."

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