Friday, December 30, 2005

Cold bathing beauty...or, a rhapsody on Lush.

Bath was taken with a Lush company bath bomb entitled "Tisty Tosty," which is a fizzy ballistic with rose buds within, which float around your bath while you soak.
The only problem was, the water was only warmish, not quite lukewarm, but pretty close. What good is a winter bath in which you're not good and hot? Sure, it's not that great for your skin to make like a lobster, but it's not good to be chilled, either.
Darn it, I took the bath anyway. A logic puzzle was done. Lambic was drunk. Music played. Then, the water was drained and I got into my jammies as quick as possible. That's right, I said jammies.
I actually used the Tisty Tosty because I had two. I didn't want to waste my one bubble bar on a lukewarm bath.

If you haven't experienced Lush products, but enjoy a little something extra with your bath, I strongly encourage you to find a Lush store or catalog, or products on their website or Amazon. They have scented bath ballistics, bubble bars, bath melts (v. moisturizing), and this new stuff, bath jellies, which you can chill and then...well, I don't quite know what, I've never tried one. They have soaps and shampoos, too, as well as the more mundane shower gels, etc. Some of the stuff is expensive, but it's not like you're taking a bath every day. And they have a lot of vegan-friendly stuff, too, not that I'm remotely close to being vegan, but if you needed another excuse...
Anyway, Lush rules, and someday I shall have someone on which to try their massage bars.

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