Monday, February 26, 2007

Here's why my weekend rocked my socks off:

Friday, after school: Hockey. Now, BG didn't win, but it was nice to be there in my two jerseys, and watch my old Spartan darlings skate around a lot. And to watch Jeff Lerg, who is my height and therefore adorable. I've never seen a goalie actually hang on the top bar, but Jeff Lerg can do it.
Saturday: Woke up whenever I felt like it, then headed up to Perrysburg to have a lovely lunch at Poco Piatti. I read a Lemony Snicket book while I ate lamb chops and a cheese and olive plate with pita. And had some hot tea. It was amazing. I felt so at peace there just hanging out and eating my meal and enjoying the service of a handsome waiter.
After lunch, I went to Target to buy some fun things thanks to my parents. I got some pretty new barrettes, some socks (pink! finally!), a bag with cherries on it, some microwaveable dishes for the office, a sealable box for my crackers so they won't go stale, and some more slipper socks, and a couple of candy bars.
I wandered around in Home Depot for a while, thinking about wings, and then went to Michael's. I spent rather a lot of time and actually, while a lot of money really, less than I could have. I bought a bunch of 1 dollar prizes for my class prize bag, and they were really good ones...modeling clay for a dollar? Yo-yos, bouncy balls, little art projects. I really hit the jackpot. I also bought a bunch of stuff to experiment with for my wings, whenever this next sequence of drafts is complete. I bought some different mache style products, including plaster of paris, plaster gauze, some clay-type things. Wire. All kinds of things. I need to get a design together before I can start, though.
Also, I got this extraordinary book called Generation T. Like many, I have a huge selection of old T-shirts, overly stretched out or out of style. The thing is, the majority of my collection is at my parents' house in a giant bag. I called my mom and said, "Great news. Guess what I'll be taking back to BG during break?" I can't wait to get started on some of these projects...there are bun covers. BUN COVERS! Made out of old T-shirt remnants. There are skirts, sassy shirts, legwarmers, arm mitts. All kinds of things. Finally, something new to do with my beloved Walnut shirt, purchased in high school in Colorado at the Walnut Brewery. I wore it so much that the shirt, especially the neck, is all stretched out. But how do you get rid of that?
Anyway, after all this I went home to listen to the hockey game. MSU lost, which is sad, but BG won, which is good. Mixed feelings, you know? I did have a rather fantastic dinner of steak and leftover cheese and olives (after spilling half of it on the floor) and did the edges of a jigsaw puzzle during the game. The whole thing was pretty rad, and then I went back to my TV and watched Brit coms.
Sunday I went to JoAnn fabrics to get some stuff for a not-so-secret project, some things that I hope will be adorable. Then I went to Kroger and got some stuff for reubens, and for an Oscar gathering. Then I took a bath with a French Kiss bubble bar and my honey soap, Lush delights, thank you very much. Then I went and watched the Oscars and had a lovely time praising and panning the dresses and lamenting the many seemingly point-free montages, with the exception of the "Dead people montage," which Carrie and I find very important. Waiting for me at home? The second part of Prime Suspect 6, starring the delight that is Helen Mirren. God save the Queen.
So, as you can see, it was a pretty sweet weekend. Now, I am thrust into the midst of a ridiculously stressful week and am struggling now to stay afloat. So, I am going home to do more jigsaw puzzle and eat a reuben, and everything else can just bloody well wait until tomorrow.

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