Monday, October 22, 2007

Avacious on Ice

So, yesterday I "Skated with the Falcons."
I wasn't going to go, because I'm a little concerned about a groupie is okay, or even superfan, but groupie is too much. But I was on campus, the time was right, and I thought it would be heartwarming to watch the guys skate around with the kids. I didn't even bring my skates in at first, but then I saw that there was a variety of people there, including wee ones and adults and very few students, so I hauled the skates out, laced up, and got my lazy butt out there.
It was fun; it was indeed heartwarming to watch the guys with the little kids, and to chat with all my guys as we all circled around. I didn't fall down, which was a plus. I did have the worst foot cramp for a bit, but even that eased up after a while. I almost got picked up, but given my desire not to fall down when set back down, I declined for the moment. Picked up lots of hugs though. And got a poster signed for my office.
All in all, it was a much needed balm to my soul for what promises to be a tough week.
Tomorrow, hockey vs. Notre Dame. Can you handle it?

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