Saturday, October 20, 2007

Reasons I'm happy today, in no particular order

The Holiday Victoria's Secret arrived today. The diamond bra is 4.5 million dollars this year. It's actually kind of cute, with bejewelled holly on it, though nothing will ever beat the sweet wing-styled one they had a few years ago.
The Falcons beat RIT 5-3 last night in a very exciting hockey game, which I happily listened to on the radio while eating pizza and these little Meijer mushroom appetizer things and balancing my checkbook. There were about a zillion penalties, but the PK came through and the guys held on. Have I mentioned how much I heart/am obsessed with hockey?
It is a gorgeous day outside, with some sun, but it still feels like fall. I will be taking a lovely lovely walk today, or several.
I finished rough drafts, and any school work that remains for the next few days can be completed at school. This means time to solve a wing-related problem.
This month I solved a mystery from my childhood; I never understood that song in the Shirley Temple A Little Princess. The title sounded like "Old Candrow," and what the heck would that mean? Then, recently, while watching a rented dvd of The Muppet Show, I heard them sing it, and darned if I didn't at last figure out it was "Old Kent Road," so I could finally find the almost incomprehensible lyrics online.
Hooray for today!

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