Monday, October 08, 2007

Let's start the week off right

First, let's talk a little about the Falcon Face-Off.
It was not terribly crowded in there, but in some ways that's okay. Really, the boys had about all the autograph signing they could do afterward, and it was also a nice chance for the visiting parents to get to see their boys and get to talk to them after. I hope they come back to see what it's really like during a game, though.
As far as skills go, centering passes need work, and pass instincts still do, too. I'm telling you, if these boys don't stop beating on the ice every damn time they want the puck I'm going to (gently but insistently) beat them with a hockey stick. I mean, what's the use if an opposing player can then bang on the ice, and get the puck passed to him (which, if I'm not mistaken, Derek Whitmore actually did at one point) because people don't know where their teammates really are? Players need to be able to sense these things, to feel intuitively where one's team members are. That's something I always admired about the Spartan squad when I was at State, and before, and something I have seldom seen from any team, including the Spartans, since. This trend of banging the ice must die in hockey. It's not improving anyone's game.
Basic ice movement looked better than usual. A lot of the younger guys are very quick; too ready to get all unnecessarily tricky with plays at times, perhaps, but eager. However, on the whole I felt it took much too long for both sides to look like they cared, and the "white team" didn't look really ready until 13 minutes in, which is ridiculous. The "orange team," while ultimately losing, at least got out and banged some stuff around right away. That can backfire, but it's better than being too tentative and/or blase. As I told my current hockey-playing student last week, "You have to get the grr." Don't look tired. Perform. Etc.
On the whole, it was a good studying experience for me, and I've never even seen some of "my guys" play before; all of them got at least a shot off, and two of them scored. After, I made my four sign white t-shirt squares that I will be sewing with some orange squares into a scarf. Because that's how much I heart them.

In other news, let's talk abot TV for a sec. House was funny...House is always funny, but Wilson actually has me giggling out loud right now. Ghosthunters (and Steve is in total agreement with me on this) was creep-to-the-y scary on Wednesday. As in, I was mildly afraid in the shower that night. Top Chef, by comparison, was a disaster. The live thing was pointless, and I was so sad for Casey's fizzle and Dale's ultimate loss I was sorry I'd watched it. Thursday, of course, was the Supernatural premiere, and let me just say, thanks, show creators, for the background footage which included Sam's big makeout before the episode proper, because, well, I needed that. Dean's mild debauchery is a sight to behold. Bless their hot little hearts. Oh yeah, and lots of stuff happened.
Now about Pushing Daisies--I wasn't going to watch this show, not being in the market, really, but Kristin Chenowith is on it, and darned if Jim Dale (aka the voice of Harry Potter audiobooks) narrates it. I watched it when they replayed the pilot, and you know what? It's weird and cute, and thus far I approve of it. So, it just may make it into my lineup.
TV sucked on Friday so I rented 1408. It was very S. King short story in the timing/pacing department, and on the whole I enjoyed it. I was more creeped out toward the beginning, though, than the end, as is often the case. I was creeped out enough to stop the movie and take my shower before I watched the rest, but then ultimately decided I needn't have bothered.

And finally, it's hot and there's a dead squirrel in my front yard that stinks, and I have no shovel with which to remedy the situation.


Carrie said...

I highly enjoyed the Supernatural premiere. Dean cracks my ass up. Oh boys.

I really liked Pushing Daises too- I just finished watching it last night. Everything about it was cute and quirky. I'll definitely keep going with it. (And I didn't know that was Jim Dale. Nice!)

Steve said...

There is no Jean.

Leave us alone.

I'm still having nightmares!

Anonymous said...

Did you check out America's Most Smartest Model? I think I'll be trying to catch that one when I can - the premiere episode was fun, and made me feel like a highly intelligent person.


Abs said...

What? What is America's Most Smartest Model? I must know!

Anonymous said...

Ben Stein, and some fashion and modeling expert lady (I can't remember her name), quizzing and judging a dozen-odd models on their photo abilities, walking skills, and knowledge of the world! In the premiere they had a spelling bee, as well as a catwalk competition where they had to strut and name as many items as they could in the category they were given - like, Elements in the Periodic Table, or Thing That Are Round.


Carrie said...

Oh yeah, and I don't watch every episode of Ghosthunters, only the really scary ones that Paul saves for me. OMG, that last one was terrifying. Yeeee.

Did you hear there's going to be a Ghosthunters International? A different crew with maybe some familiar and some new hunters (I don't know them all by name) who explore haunted European and international destinations. I tried to email you the article but couldn't get it to work. Sounds intriguing to me!!!