Monday, October 15, 2007

Back from the wilds of Bath

What I did with my Saturday and Sunday:
1. Novi LUSH. "On my way" homehome, I stopped in Novi to visit the store that is now closest to me (though still an hour and a half away--curiously, it only adds 10 minutes to my route home). They aren't in their permanent location yet so no fridge and therefore no fresh face masks. Also, I found out that my now-favorite (thanks to the demise of Ginger) product, Something Wicked This Way Comes, is being discontinued, and someone had already snatched up every last one. I didn't cry, but I felt like it. But I still bought (mumbles vague amount) worth of stuff.
2. Homehome in Bath. I confess, I didn't do much. I sat around and talked to my folks, ate a brownie, watched some hockey on tv, wrote my hockey blog, failed to get the MSU-N. Dakota hockey game on the radio (do you see a pattern?), read some HP 7. Ate burgers and fries--you'll remember my Mom's fries are the best ever.
3. Church. I love going to church at home. Then we ate at Subway.
4. Memorial Service for Dr. Durr. I admit I remained dry-eyed--I've already shed my tears for Dr. Durr, and my sadness at losing such a "fierce" lady too soon is now internal. There was a dance in her honor, which was pretty, and a few faculty members in particular had nice memories of her in addition to reading some poems. We sang a few hymns, and I got to visit with my friend Kim, with whom I experienced some amazing dance things in college via Dr. Durr's encouragement. Through some of the service, I was trying to reconstruct in my head some of "The Dixinator"'s choreography for Evita.
5. Back to BG. Despite basically having twice the church-style singing in one day, I sang a great part of the way back. I even brought out my Belinda Carlisle for some extra 80s power.
6. Worst sewing disaster ever. The dress was almost finished. All I had left was some hand sewing of facing on the inside. But then my iron burned two holes in part of the bodice/sleeve and the sleeve band. GAH! I had to deconstruct the sleeve band and facing, replace the band, and sew the whole thing back together, this time higher up on the bodice/sleeve to hide the other hole. It will be about an inch off, but I think the style of the dress will make it unnoticeable. Fingers crossed. I have to finish the hand sewing tonight and test it out tomorrow, I think. Miraculously, I didn't get that upset, just sort of resigned. What does this mean?
Today, we're back to the grind. I have one day left of no essays for a week or so.

And finally, will someone please tell me how this works? It's from CNN, an article about Fresno's secret underground: "Omachi's father, a Japanese immigrant, was born here in 1913 "between a bar and a house of ill repute," she said."
If he was born here, that sort of makes him NOT an immigrant, yes? Even if in 1913 new births were considered not Americans in Chinatown, our designations would change now, wouldn't they?

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Carrie said...

Speaking of sewing, I think I'm gonna try to sew all of Paul's halloween costume, which could be quite an undertaking. I've borrowed a sewing machine, but I haven't attempted to use it yet, and I'm afraid I'm horribly rusty. I bet Paul does a bulk of the work b/c he's much better at things that require fine motor skills than I am. Basically, don't be surprised if you recieve a frustrated or panicked phone call with sewing emergencies. :)