Friday, October 19, 2007

Week in review

My birthday is in four weeks.
The fantasysports team names I was looking for and decided I'd thrown out are in my keyboard drawer, where I thought they should be but where I mysteriously could not find them.
The new dress went over pretty well with the students. I'm angling for the best-dressed instructor award.
I have decidedly not gotten enough exercise this week, but have eaten a number of prefab food items.
I tried to do this online health assessment thing; what it taught me is that I'm underweight, but that I should get more exercise and eat less fat and more healthy items.
Sadly, the Falcons lost last night to the Niagara Purple Eagles...and yet they outshot them. Remember what I said about shooting luck and turnovers? Yeah. Boys, remember--lift and separate.
And due to my excitement about listening to the game, I straight up forgot to watch my favorite show, Supernatural. I'll give you a moment to get over your shock.

Right. I have 13 revisions and 17 more rough drafts to read. My goal is to get the revisions done or at least mostly done before I leave this office. Then, drafts, and then hockey on the radio vs. RIT. Good times.

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