Monday, January 02, 2006

2006: A long, wet kiss hello

Dear nimbostratus layer,
Evidently someone forgot to apprise you of the situation here. See, it's January. Ohio. Not really a month for sloppy rain. Don't get me wrong, I mean, if you want to rain now and then just bring spring in a bit earlier this year, say beginning of March, that'd be fine. But so help me, if you are planning to snow after this for four months, I will up and bitch slap you. I mean it. I'm not putting up with your head games.

The new year has arrived, it's wet outside, I dropped my phone today, it still works, the fish doesn't look so hot, and I just want to go back home and sew where it's nice and warm and dry and my TV loves me. I am somewhat absolved because today is a university holiday. So if I don't do any work it doesn't really matter, right?
I am such a sloth.

The Party:
Fun was had at Steve and Liss's place, or should I say Stir Fry's pad. That cat loves me. We bonded. I didn't have an allergy attack. It was great. I sent some text messages, called someone hot and nice, and drank champagne.
  • Favorite song of the evening: "Got to Give It Up, pt. 1," Marvin Gaye, thank you so much Steve and Carrie, I needed that.
  • Favorite eats of the evening: Got to go with Lisa's chicken enchilada dip, but in terms of the overall spread I got to give a serious holla to Melissa, who always sets out a superb nosh.
  • (side note: isn't it hilarious when I say holla? It's like a monkey saying "enchante")
  • Favorite drink of the evening: What can I say? I brought a Lambic. But that Asti was the perfect sweet deliciousness to finish the evening out.
  • Favorite party moment: Trying to get the group shot together. Much hugging was achieved. Nathan received a new-and-improved, hyphenated name--David-Nathan. Aimee was giggling too much to focus. Party hats were worn.
  • Favorite private moment: Text messages to ME!
  • Least favorite party moment: Dealing with the stupid run in my favorite nylons with seams. Curse you, Victoria's Secret hosiery!


Last night I received a phone call from my friend Erik, which lasted a very short time because the connection was lost. Later that evening, someone called, and I got a lot of background sound but no speaker, so I hung up. Three minutes later, the phone rang again, and a girl said "Abigail? Abigail? I mean, is Abigail there?" And I said "this is she" about three times and then nothing more was said and I hung up. I have no idea who it was, since the person called my landline, and the voice did not seem familiar. Weirdos.

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Nathan said...

After conversations on New Years I learned you had a blog... so here I am. Nice work.

Based on your suggestion, and frequent blog mentions, I purchased a bottle of Lambic and it was greatly enjoyed.

Supposedly Miller High Life is the "Champagne of Beers" but Lambic is truely the wine of beers. Like a Prius, it's a hybrid.

Thanks for the tip.