Monday, February 12, 2007

I heart hockey!

Point the first: The Falcons beat the wolverines on Friday night in hockey! Get into it! The game was incredibly awesome, tense straight through to the end, and the skating was at the same level pretty much the whole game, which is uncharacteristic. (The Falcons, up to this point, had been skating best in the 2nd period, which is just strange...few schools do best then). It was just unbelievable. If you're wondering whether I found the game on the College Network and recorded it so I could watch it again, the answer is yes.
Point the second: Next and last home game is versus Michigan State on Feb 23, which I believe is a Friday. Be ready, people. I want to see you all there. I'll be the one wearing two jerseys (Falcons on top in their home arena of course...but Spartans close to my heart). Go Sparcons! Go Faltans! YES!
Point the third: It is snowing.
Point the fourth: I believe I might be coming down with something. But, as I have no one to kiss on the 14th, that is neither here nor there.
Point the fifth: Giving in to peer pressure, I checked The Ruins out from the library; however, as it is a new fiction book, it is due in one week, and as I am getting essays Wednesday evening, I expect there's no way I can finish. Oh well. At least I'll be right in the middle of it, just like I usually am when I get distracted.
Point the sixth: Thanks to Steve and Liss, I have clean clothes! Yay!
Point the seventh: Upcoming posts: Shady jobs I'd probably be good at.


Carrie said...

Fooey! I was just asking Paul last night when the MSU hockey game was, and he didn't know. I think we have to go back to Detroit that weekend to visit the fam. Darn it!!! (I highly enjoyed watching the Spartan basketball team beat Michigan last night, though. Go Green!)

Abs said...

Gah! I totally missed the basketball game! Darn it! How did this happen?
I cannot believe you are going to miss this game. That is such a shame. Maybe it will be on TV, and they'll replay it so you can see it.