Friday, February 09, 2007

Diatribe about Snakes

Hello, kids. Tis I, I who have been hiding away where it is warm as much as possible and grading essay after essay. I have one class plus four plus three to do now, then exploratories. Good times.
But tonight, there is hockey, and that is what matters.

Recent TV/Movie notes:
In TV land, I skipped Top Design this week in favor of Medium...that's right, I didn't watch Lost either. Medium is more interesting to me than both of those options. I didn't watch the Superboal either.
Gilmore Girls was kind of hard for me this week; what Lorelai said about seeing her Dad in the hospital sort of hit me in my truth spot with memories. To be honest, I had to stop eating dinner so I could cry for a while. And then Chris comes in and is a total jerk to Lorelai and Luke both, and it just made me dislike him even more.
House was a welcome distraction at 9, but I still feel like there's something amiss on House. There's something nagging at me and I'm not quite sure what it is. It's like I need him to be brought down, not via some angry guy like Tritter, but I want one of his peers to get the better of him and have it stick.
Supernatural has the distinct honor of having predicted my needs. They've had a couple of "mythology" episodes in a row, like the X-Files used to do. And I say, okay, that's great, but frustrating--I need a break. And, on cue, next week's episode looks kind of wacky and awesome. I heart Sam and Dean!

But let's talk about movies. I rented Snakes on a Plane and A Prairie Home Companion last week. Neither was as good as I thought it would be, although PHC did make me laugh out loud. Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep were quite a pair. I'm not a huge fan of people talking all at the same time, though, which is also part of the reason I don't like Made. It's like forcing yourself to live like an autistic child, too much stimulation. Anyway, I do love PHC on the radio, so I liked the elements that gave a shout out to that experience.
Now, here is why Snakes is not something I'll go out of my way to watch again (and believe me, I went into it with no real expectations):
a: Sight effects used over and over. I don't need to see a snake attached to a breast, a penis, and up a woman's skirt. Give me a break. Even in a movie that aims for B-cult status, enough is enough.
b: I read a review that said you can tell the difference between real and cgi snakes but that it doesn't take you out of the movie. Yes to the first, no to the second. I hate bad cgi. The great thing about Jurassic Park was that you couldn't tell--Lost World was a poorer movie because you could. Having the creature "do more" or "move faster" really isn't worth the disaster of losing all sense of reality.
c: even expecting the movie to be a dumb popcorn flick doesn't save it for me. It didn't hit the mark for cult dumb, it was just dumb. It wasn't even funny-dumb, like so many have claimed. I caught myself saying "Oh, please" no less than four times. I shut off the credits saying "meh." That's not fun.
Now I understand people are scared of snakes, and might be creeped out by a film about them on a plane. In fact, I can envision a really great movie based on this idea, a real creep-fest. I can also envision a B-level horror flick, much on the level of Eight Legged Freaks or something. Snakes aimed for between these, I think, meaning to go with the latter but with elements of the former, and therefore ended up basically useless. I don't feel like I need to see it again because I got it all the first time, and even then I wasn't really watching part of it because I was bored. It was so...antiseptic. Trying to appeal to everybody appeals to nobody.
Funniest part of the film experience? Bloopers reel.
And I'm not the only one who feels this way. Rock it, Chuck.

Anyway, that's what's been on my mind. It's not much, but give me a break. It's Friday and all I can see are RUBRICS.

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