Tuesday, February 20, 2007


How's this for heartwarming?
It gives me hope. I lost my high school class ring somewhere along the way. The stone was chipped and they messed up the signature so it was teenytiny, but it was my ring and it had ballet slippers on it. I've often thought of replacing it except that I keep hoping my ring will turn up. What's weird is I have the ring I used to wear on my other hand at the same time, but no class ring. Where is it? Where has it lived out its last several years? I can't even remember exactly when I lost it, and both my mother and I have blitzed my room back home and I've searched my apartment, and it's never turned up.
Actually, I wonder if I ever checked by my sister's bed? I used to sleep in her room during vacations, and I don't think I've never checked her shelves. It's probably not there, but it's interesting how when you think of things like this other ideas pop up.
I have also pondered the thought of getting a college ring. Better late than never?

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