Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Meme I Stole From Steve

If Steve does it, I have to, too. Except afterward I always think of things I should have put down.
Eternally snowbound, the house better be full of:
Novel You've Read: Emmy Keeps a Promise (childhood classic)
Novel You've Never Read: something by Robert Heinlein
Book Series You've Read: Harry Potter
Book Series You've Never Read: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
Autobiography You've Read: The Shape of Love (Gelsey Kirkland)
Autobiography You've Never Read: I have a book on Allegra Kent I haven't gotten to read yet. About time to whip that out.
Nonfiction You've Read: Death Tractates (assuming a poetry book can count here)
Nonfiction You've Never Read: Zombie Survival Guide
Book on Tape You've Heard: Proof
Book on Tape You've Never Heard: The Bible (practical, yes?)
Snow-Themed Movie: The Shining
Non-Snow-Themed Movie: Sleeping Beauty
Movie Sequel: does Batman Begins count?
Movie Remake: Little Women I guess
Movie Trilogy: Lord of the Rings extended edition and/or Star Wars and/or Indiana Jones. Help!
TV Channel: Shoot...WB? For 3 shows? I don't know if it's worth it.
Season Pass on DVR: Supernatural
Cartoon: Pirates of Dark Water (obscure, just the way I like it)
Home Movie: my newborn movie, which has the whole family.
TV Collection on DVD: X-Files
TV Season on DVD: something from Charmed.
Magazine Subscription: Cook's Illustrated
Photograph: Tahquamenon Falls, me and the family
Appetizer: spinach artichoke dip
Entree: pork cutlets and spaghetti
Dessert: fruit bowl, sans melon
Fast Food Item: Filet o' fish
Beer: Framboise Lambic, duh.
Wine: Boone's Farm Sangria
Booze: Um...blueberry schnapps is always a favorite.
Drink (Chaste): milk
Video Game System With Complete Game Collection: um...old-school Nintendo, I guess. Does that come with Wheel of Fortune?
Single Video Game (regardless of platform): Blue Max
Game: sudoku
Board Game: Scrabble
Pet: I miss my cats.
Non-Spouse Family Member to Keep You Company: I can't answer this question. It's too hard.
Writerly Figure to Keep Your Conversational Company: Brenda Hillman
Sports Figure to Keep Your Atheletic Company: John Harkes
Famous Figure to Keep Your Fabulous Company: there are really not that many stars I'd like to spend time in real life with. I'd hang with Hugh Laurie, though.
Historical/Sports/Famous Figure to Keep You Conjugal Company: can it be fictional? If so, Sam or Dean Winchester. If not, Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki. I'm snowbound. I can't decide.
Band to Play Every Night: eh...(shrug) My ipod?
Album: Little Earthquakes or You Were Here
Song: Lodestar or Fidelity or Naked as We Came
Piece of Gym Equipment: ballet barre
Exercise You'd Do Every Day: plies
Medicine: Advil if I'm alone, Flonase if the cats come, too.
Sports Team You'd Follow: Spartan hockey (sorry Falcons. I love you too).
Game on Tape You'd Watch: the one where Goalie Chad Alban scored a goal on senior night at MSU.
Pair of Shoes: pointe
Water Brand: Tap
Crime You'd Wish You'd Committed PreSnow: um...indecent exposure?

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