Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Mish-mash

Point 1: Basketball--MSU WINS!!! HA HA! I have this thing where I can't really watch basketball. I used to be able to, but now it just make sme continuously nervous. It's not like hockey where I can kind of quell the nerves in excitement or observation. It's flat-out nerves. But I actually watched more of this game than usual (and so missed what Veronica Mars had on her arm in prison).
Point 2: Lorelei breaks up with Christopher. Thank the lord. Though the point of that plotline seemed to be that they weren't right for each other, that thus made for a very boring and irritating story arc. But drunk and vulnerable Emily? Priceless.
Point 3: Man of my dreams, February Edition.
The other night I had a dream that illusionist David Copperfield, younger and a little vulnerable but also very rich, took me on a date. We were in some kind of villa-mansion by the seaside, with some great big open window areas on a stone veranda that faced out to the ocean, and we had a picnic at twilight. He gave me a flower. That was pretty much it, really.
Side note: If you go to google image search, and type in posey (not posy, but posey), the first page of images you come up with is really sort of insane. Try it.
Point 4: BGSU vs MSU hockey tomorrow. Woot!
Point 5: I'm kind of excited because I'm going to go up to Target this weekend and get some fun things. I have a little list of little things I want and that will make my life just a little bit easier. It's going to be sweet!

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Carrie said...

I think you were right - I do believe it was a My Little Pony with Thug Life. I couldn't see it all this well, and it's not that clear in this picture. Regardless, Veronica in prison is adorable.