Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hot Funk

So, last night's TV offerings were abysmal, so I went to Video Spectrum with high hopes of Hot Fuzz being in, and it was.
I liked it so much, I watched all the special features instead of Murder, She Wrote. Outtakes are by far my favorite of all special features...I actually watched those before the movie. But the movie itself made me giggle, as Pegg and Frost always do. It was funny to see Nick Frost in a more sort of naive role, and Simon Pegg's hard cop voice during the climax sequences was hilarious. And there was Timothy Dalton, which I didn't know.
Pegg and Frost are sort of like Jim Gaffigan for me; they don't make me completely lose control for a long time like Gaffigan does, but when I laugh it is spontaneous and impossible to suppress. Often unexpected. I like movies that can do that to me, because I don't generally laugh at what most people laugh at anyway, so it's harder to get me.
Good on you, mates.

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