Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The plot, by which I mean the eye, thickens

So, yesterday I was pretty sure I was on the mend; fever down, stomach better, headache dissipating. I had a proper small dinner of casserole last night and, though it didn't taste as good as it should, it didn't make anything worse. I woke up feeling pretty decent this morning and ate some Cheerios, but then noticed that my eye felt awful funny. And not funny haha. A perusal in the mirror shows my eye to be swollen. It doesn't hurt or itch, I can see out of it just fine with my glasses on, but it looks glassy and either the lids are swollen enough to make the eye look swollen, or the whole darn thing is swollen. It doesn't look horrible, but it doesn't feel right. A call to the Med Mutual nurse line (are you using this? you should be) suggests I should see a doctor today, and as my own doctor's office says, "life, limb, and eyesight," which I thought was sort of funny. So, off to the Readycare I shall go tonight, because I can't bear to mess up my schedule enough to go to my actual doctor. I shall be using hand sanitizer and not touching people all day, so...I love you, stay out.
Edited to add: It is 1 pm, and mysteriously my eye is much better. The swelling has gone way down. It is like my body has decided to have every symptom imaginable at one hundred times the speed. Tomorrow? Rash. Oh wait, that was last week, when my legs decided to get razor burn.


Carrie said...

Yuck! (To your illness, not your eye. I'm sure that looks not bad.) I hate to hear you've not been feeling well.

Hopefully you'll mend up before the weekend - we need to do some type of fun Labor Day activities...

Tudor Rose said...

Yo. It's your favorite show-tune singing former MAR intern. (At least I better be your favorite show-tune singing former MAR intern). Ooooh. Now we can be blog buddies.