Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"I don't want to be a chicken cemetery!"

Sometimes, out of a desire to store information vital to my future, I'll read the parenting articles on cnn.com. Today was an exceptionally entertaining one about answering kids' questions. Read it.

Also, I learned something very valuable this weekend. I was getting ready to clean my stove, which was covered in stuck-on grease and burnt boil-overs. I've cleaned my stove before, using Clorox wipes or my Windex kitchen and glass cleaner. But it wasn't working. My arsenal was failing, and I didn't want to use up my one remaining Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Examining the contents of my cleaning bucket, I found some of those thin green scouring pads, the ones that are tougher than sponges but not crazy like steel wool. I thought, well, why not. I ran it under hot water, and then, in a stroke of what I now think of as brilliance, I put some dish soap on there. And it got EVERYTHING off. I had to scrub in a few places on the burners, but getting off all the little grease splatters was easy. I couldn't believe it. And dish soap is gentle on my hands and my nasal passages (unlike what I use on the shower mildew). So...keep it simple is my new stove-cleaning method.

In other news, my dupioni skirt looks awesome and I'm currently working on a matching jacket. I will also be looking for a cute little sweater or sweater pattern to wear with it when I want to dress it down a little. Ah, crafts.


Anonymous said...

Ahhahhah..."Run around for a while and it will come down." I'm so extra glad Ruth wasn't a boy. I just wouldn't have known how to explain some things.


Amanda said...

I LOVE cleaning tips! ;)