Friday, August 17, 2007

Missing checkmarks

As I sit here in my friends' house, mooching off their internet, I find myself with some reflection time. School is just about to start again; my apartments are pretty clean, though there is laundry and grocery shopping...and shoe take care of. Life has been good to me this summer. Most of my angst has been of my own making, out of my own brain. Many interesting things happened, most of which I've mentioned here in some fashion.
So, for a change, here are some things I did not do:
Make wings (yet)
Have a summer romance
Play tipsy whiffleball
See more than one movie in a theater
...and that's basically it.
How did you do?


Anonymous said...

I haven't gone camping. Or seen fireworks. Or watched for Perseids. :-(


Anonymous said...

"Have a summer romance"

you keep passing me by. i remain unnoticed. alas....