Monday, November 12, 2007

Day off = day off for once

Right on.'s been a busy weekend in avaciousland. Winter Wheat has come and gone for another year, and I am pleased to note I got a few interesting poems and poem beginnings out, including a couple about the behavior or cicada killers, and for once I got to attend almost all the workshops aside from when I was teaching. I also got to spend two hours in my car with a good friend of mine from grad school, talking about deep ideas and experiences, which fed my poetry soul. I also got all my drafts and revision done and now have only to apply myself to the stack of homework I've been ignoring for a month. I am awesome.
I am celebrating Vets' day today by doing laundry, getting groceries, and renting some dvds of the Muppet Show and, if I can find some, Muppet Babies. Why? I'm not sure, but Muppet Babies in particular has been on my mind lately. And given my upcoming Natal Celebration Day, I figure it might be nice to remember this happy piece of my childhood. I want to giggle a little. I believe I shall also have a bath.
I am also excited that I got to sleep in today, and when I say sleep in, I mean wake up several times, realize I have nothing important to do, and deliciously drift back into a drowsy haze. It could only have been better if I had good dreams, but I really don't remember any. Maybe something about zombies. Not like yesterday morning when I had a really kind of romantic dream with somebody handsome, although the beeping of my phone telling me I had missed a call at 7 am was sort of intrusive. I mean, who calls me at 7 am? Was it YOU?
Anyway, more on my birthday plans later in the week, because I know you want to know all about my exciting day. I'll give you a includes hockey.

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