Thursday, November 22, 2007

PR the first

I've been gently reminded that I neglected to do a Project Runway blog last week, and here it is already next Thursday and, since I had to record it this week, I figured I better get it out of the way now.
I liked the winning dress; it was my favorite (the picture on the website is totally not representative of the color, which made my reviewing a little confusing). Onscreen, the subtle gray was beautiful and I think was a particularly good choice for running across a lawn and grabbing seemed like the kind of fabric that might be overlooked. I was also extremely attracted to the bottom of that deep purple charmeuse or satin was an incredibly rich color and moved like water. Finally, as simple as it was I would totally wear Steven's outfit. I wouldn't be caught dead in Christian's, but I also can't stand him. I call attention to him here only because the judges liked his piece. The ones they called out for being bad were for the most part on.
What I didn't like was, really, any of the designers' personalities. I realize it's a little early to judge, but these people so far all seem intensely prickly and grating in their own ways. I couldn't pick someone to champion, which I can usually do early, as with, say, Alison. Now, obviously we haven't seen much of anybody, but there just doesn't seem to be anyone NORMAL that the everyday girl can get behind. I'm hoping that someone emerges as my favorite soon because otherwise I'll be so turned off by everybody that I'll just turn the volume off when I watch. Obviously, that's not much fun.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Elisa is the starchild type who made the long blue "pooing fabric" dress, which the model tripped on. Simone's dress, the beige and yellow thing, was too short to be tripped on. I liked her thoughts, but not the colors, and the sewing was inexcusable.

I did like Rami's grey concoction. It was very representative of his style, from what I remember of the footage at his boutique. I do agree with Heidi's comment that she's interested to see what he'll do next time. I mean, is he *too* attached to neutral Greco-Roman draping?

Christian's concept reminded me of Jeffery's couture challenge winner in Paris. Masses of folded plaid in eye-hurty colors. I didn't mind Jeffery's triumph, because hey, it was unique, daring, and nicely crafted. But it left me little patience for Christian's effort.

I didn't get the charm of Vitoriya's design. I noticed Michael Kors chided Rami becase the flower knot on his design was too "mother of the bride," but he thought the big silver flower tacked onto Victoriya's dress was fresh and delightful. O, judges. Your inconsistencies are part of the fun.


Abs said...

Hm...well, I clearly did not watch the episode too closely because I thought they cut the flower child, and perhaps that was wishful thinking. I basically screwed up Elisa and Simone in my head. Good times. See? I can't even keep them straight.
That concern about Rami reminded me of someone in season one who was into draping...who also got auf'd quickly. I didn't get Kors' mother of the bride comment, because it totally didn't look that way. But he also calls a lot of things matronly when they aren't. It's his "clutching at straws" thing, like Santino. And then you go look at Kors clothes in the mall, and you don't know what to think.

Carrie said...

I hated Christian's design. I don't understand stuff like that- designs that get heralded as unique and edgy but are really just ugly. Also that dude is an ass. Hate.

The whole elimination thing struck me as typical reality show politics where they keep the weirder person around just to add drama. I didn't hate her, but I did feel bad for Simone.

My favorite dresses were Jack's and Victorya's, and I thought they both seemed like decent people too. There were a few other people I liked, but I didn't like their designs. I haven't watched this week's yet; it's sitting in the DVR at home. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the commentary, btw. I didn't mean to beg for your (ever thoughtful and astute) PR blogs and then pick on you when you give me one.


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