Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hockey weekend

To bring you up to speed, the Falcons won both of their games this weekend, both in overtime. Friday they were at Western, so I had to listen on the radio; this is very frustrating, of course, but I snuggled up on my couch and ate some dinner to try to chill out and keep the nerves down.
The game was a battle from behind as BG tied it up twice, and then my current student scored the gamewinner in OT, which was exciting. On the whole, it sounded like BG was playing well in general, getting lots of shots off, just not getting them in the net, and power plays weren't going well, as usual. But then, when the Broncos got a penalty in OT, you could just feel it--BG was going to make them pay for it.
Saturday night here in BG the Falcons scored 4 in the first two periods, before the Broncos, in the third period, got going and tied it up too fast. BG is struggling around minutes 30 to 50, in several games so far, but they did get their energy back, and then took it into OT. They wanted that game, and if you'd seen one of the Falcons literally jump over a Bronco to get to the puck, then you'd know what I mean. I have to say, it was extremely satisfying watching our guys get some pucks in the net, and some on very clean and speedy plays, when everything comes together at the same time.
Disciplinewise, Friday night was better, because the Falcons let the Broncos' inclination to get scrappy take them into the box. Saturday night, the Falcons got angry too many times. At one point, five of ours and four of theirs were in the box, which is as full as I've ever seen boxes anywhere. To some degree, you do have to assert yourself, but it was better Friday when BG drew Western into penalties. A couple of 5 on 3s hurt us, and even when it's 4 on 4 we come off worse. A couple of our penalties were definitely unfair, though, for instance one that resulted from one of our guys getting straight up whacked with a stick after the whistle; he didn't retaliate at all, but the ref seemed to think he did, which led to a 4 on 4.
Anyway, it was good to be in the arena and watch the Falcons win.
On the downside, after eating too much on Friday I didn't eat enough on Saturday, and even though I had about the same amount of caffeine as normal, without the food to absorb it I was in rough shape. I nearly passed out twice when we scored. On top of this, it seems like everyone I've talked to in the last two days has looked at me like I'm crazy or like I should just stop talking. I can't figure this out and it is making my nerves very jumpy indeed.

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