Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Wrap-Up

Yes, I am still alive.
Yes, I have a tremendous headache.
Yes, I have been reading too many essays too fast, in an effort to get rid of them before the bulk of Winter Wheat.
Yes, I was sad that Pushing Daisies was not on last night, because I'd done so much work I was actually contemplating a two-hour break for PD and Ghosthunters. As it is, there was only Ghosthunters to interest me, and to be honest it wasn't as interesting as I'd hoped.
Yes, I have to record Supernatural tonight and watch it...I don't know, sometime.
Yes, I'm actually going to try to be done with all the rough drafts currently in my possession by the time Winter Wheat festivities start at 1 pm tomorrow. Revisions can just sit there until Sundayish, because I hate doing them.
Yes, I need a hug. And clean socks. Without holes in them.
Yes, plans for my birthday are bigtime in the works. I plan to be selfish. And go to hockey games. My Princess Sparkle T-shirt is ready to party.


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Abs said...


Anonymous said...

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