Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Mix-It-Up

Maggie said something in her last post about canvas grocery bags, which reminded me I forgot to mention that I bought five of Meijer's blue canvas grocery bags, which henceforth will live in my trunk and be brought out for my shopping. They are extremely roomy and seem stain-resistant, unlike normal canvas. I am most excited about them.
One of my goals when I went home was to buy a black dance sweater just like the one I have in blue, which I got as a present many years ago, probably from Dance Distributors. I intended to purchase said article at Bottoms Up, a lingerie-dancewear store. Alas, no sweaters they had were long enough to cover my hips and rump like my blue sweater, so I had to console myself with pretty new warm-up pants. I almost consoled myself with these, in black, which would have been on sale, but the only pair they had left were 8s.
The good news is that the heels I ordered from LaRedoute,which were on backorder and thus which I was unsure of receiving, shipped, so they will be in my loving arms in a matter of days.
Yesterday, a student told me I was the best English teacher she'd ever had, that she wasn't scared of writing anymore, and that she found herself teaching others what she learned in our class.
I had bad dreams last night, probably due to digestion, but that pizza/wings/breadsticks/Greek salad dinner were SOOOOOOO good.
I finally finished putting away clothes! You can see my dresser and my floor now! (mostly).
Sadly, I am an idiot--or Time Warner is a jerk. I got Pushing Daisies all right, but stupid me forgot that stupid Bravo changed from channel 74 to 30 so I got an hour of static instead of Project Runway. The rerun is on tonight, of course, but for unfathomable (to me) reasons, Pushing Daisies is on at 9. If it stays there, that's going to put my Pushing Daisies-Ghosthunters-Project Runway watching into a tizzy. Also, despite the TV Week's claim that Supernatural would be on, Hilary Duff was instead, so in effect I got 1 out of 3 shows I tried to record. Someone please tell me Ghosthunters was a rerun or I'm really going to be mad that I didn't record it.
Anyway, my nose is running, I'm eating leftover pizza, there's hockey this weekend, and I'm going to read A Christmas Carol before I get slammed with essays tomorrow.
And possibly kill some fruit flies.


Carrie said...

Yeah, I don't know why Pusing Daisies is on at 9 today. Maybe adult content?

I finally watched last week's Project Runway yesterday. Sarah Jessica Parker! I was soooooo excited; I gasped loudly. Paul's all, "Is she that big of a deal"? Ummm, yes. I really do love her and how nice she is, and how uncomfortable she got when Heidi put down some of the designers. I didn't love the clothes, except for the dark rose/magenta dress with belt, which I would love to wear. Too bad it didn't win.

Mrs. White said...

I didn't realize Meijer sold canvas grocery bags. Kroger doesn't, which might be a good enough reason to switch shopping destinations.

Alas, I keep forgetting to watch Pushing Daisies. Sounds right up my alley and everything...