Thursday, November 29, 2007

PR ep. 2 and 3

I am getting slammed by the last essays of the season in fifty minutes, so here goes:
Pushing Daisies at nine...totally acceptable when it is preceded by Dr. Seuss. All became clear when I flipped over to see what was going on. Now, I know Pushing Daisies can be uneven, but as so many have said about other shows, I feel that its unevenness is still better than almost any other TV on right now. Seems like it's returning to its regular time in two weeks, which is a great relief.

PR...During PD commericals, I checked in on the last PR episode...not enough to see all the outfits on the runway, but at least some of their composition. I didn't love any of the outfits either, as Carrie posted in her previous comment. Some of them really seemed to catch the Bitten idea, though, which is good. Like Carrie, I also favored Ricky's dress. But I thought the judges made the right decision on who to cut.

This week's decisions disappointed me. Well, I don't know about the loser. Not finishing a shirt is a pretty big problem, so Carmen's auf was justified. But I was REALLY hoping Kit would win. I thought her fleece jacket would look awesome on Tiki Barber. It would be very flattering with his shoulders and neck. For once I didn't hate Christian's look this week, though I didn't think it would look as good on Tiki as Kit's. Steven's look was also interesting, with what looked like an ascot. People on the "rate it" thing don't seem to like it, but I thought it was pretty. Jack's outfit, while reasonably complete, was sort of boring. I'm sure I've seen shirts with bias-cut placards and what not, and I honestly didn't know why the judges loved that so much.
I am getting a better feel for personalities at this point; Kit is sort of in the lead for me. I think Jack and Chris seem nice, but I don't really find them engaging. Also, I may be talking out of turn here, but the lisping going on with so many designers is ridiculous. Has anyone else noticed this? I can handle such a thing in small quantities, (people have mentioned Tim Gunnn's slight lisp in other blogs) but SO much of it is driving me nuts. I don't associate it with gayness, as some do, because there are numerous ways in which such a thing could be picked up; people sometimes say that it results from being around girls so much, but girls don't talk like that! At least, not the ones I hang with. It really does make me want to cry hearing it so constantly. I've belabored the point enough.

So. Hardest challenge ever, I think, but also a lot of unnecessary whinging going on. I am getting a little tired of, "Everyone, I have a special guest..." and so on, and I hope that the celebrity drop-ins die down. That's just not my thing. I know SJP is a big fan of the show and all, and that's cool, but enough is enough.
Right, essays in the house. Rock it.


Carrie said...

I actually like a lot of the people on PR now. I'm a big fan of Jack and Kevin- I think they're my two favorites. Chris also cracks me up. Basically, there's no one I don't like, I think. Even Christian has seemed to chill out a bit and is just stereotypically bitchy.

Yeah, this week's challenge was kind of a nightmare. I think the three top people belonged there, and I don't mind Jack's win. It was tame, but I think it was also the best fitting. Everything else was so awful that I think it came down to just creating the best constructed outfits.

If the celebrity thing is kept up, then that'll get distracting, I think. But I haven't minded it too much so far.

Carrie said...

Oh, whoops. I also wanted to say I take back any disparaging thing I said about Pushing Daises. I love that show. Especially the clothes. Can someone just give me Chuck's wardrobe, please? Did you notice that outfit w/ the cute white blouse, red pencil skirt, gold belt, and plaid pumps? I think I died a little when I saw it, I loved it so much.

Also, I've noticed they're recycling some of the character's clothes, which I also love. Makes them seem so much more normal.

Anonymous said...

Nothing against Tiki, but I thought he was kind of boring and irrelevant as a PR celeb. I'm not tired of celebrity features as long as they are more relevant than most celebs to the fashion field - like SJP, or like Ivanka Trump, who's done some modeling and has her head on straight about clothes and business as much as I wanted to dislike her.

What I found really frustrating was the time wasted on taking Tiki's *wife* around the workroom. The designers needed that time to sew, not to wait through her bland criticisms. The criticisms came too late, anyway, especially with time as tight as it was. The designers were half done with their projects.


Abs said...

I felt the same way about Mrs. Barber! I thought what she had to say was important for some, but, really, waiting until the last minute surely doomed some of the peeps, like Carmen. I think she is what put the "special guest" stuff over the edge for me. I used to have Tiki on my fantasy team, and that is the only reason I was entertained, I think.
Carrie, I am totally with you on Chuck's wardrobe, but I also love and love her hair. I heart when she and Olive are hanging out's such an awkward circumstance they have going on, but they're hilarious.