Monday, December 17, 2007

Does anyone else have that problem where they can't relax, but they can't get motivated to actually do anything either? That describes me yesterday, when any normal person would have just accepted that it was ridiculous outside and stayed in to be nice and warm, and when I, instead, got bundled up and walked in to school since the town library was closed. Then, I looked at recipes and watched TV (movies I've already seen, no less...and own) for hours and sewed TWO, yes two squares of my hockey scarf together, rather than actually making strides towards finishing the scarf and wrapping presents, which is what I was supposed to do.
Today, I cleaned off my car. I took a picture of how much ice is on my left passenger door and's bubbled up in great bulbs of solid ice from the roof dripping on it. I had to get some off my driver door, and of course scratched the window casing up because I'm an idiot.

In other news, if anyone was considering buying Irresistible Apple anything at Bath & Body Works, thinking it is their new version of Country Apple, don't. It's basically like strongish perfume that doesn't smell like anything in particular. It does not smell like apples. I don't dislike it, but I sure would not be able to wear it around my allergic papa, and it sure ain't what I was expecting.
Actually, my whole shopping experience the other day was kind of a wreck. Every place was crowded, I scared a girl when all I wanted to do was ask where she got her snood, and it turns out she was with one of my students who didn't pass, the dance store I tried to go to has moved, and all sorts of crazy people were out. I did finish my Christmas shopping, but I wish it had been a little more uplifting. For once, though, I didn't cry after I put money in the Salvation Army bucket (Why cry? I don't know. It's Advent). I staunched it with a hearty Merry Christmas and momentary inability to get my money in there.

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