Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's Tuesday!

I am pleased to report that my new "tap" heels are awesome, they are very comfortable, and they were very popular with my Arts students. I am wearing them on the day I walk the most, and I haven't had any trouble.

Yesterday I kept thinking it was Tuesday. Today I'm very sleepy and having trouble grasping that it's any day at all. I look forward to the conclusion of Tin Man tonight, and hope that I'm awake enough to enjoy it.

I bought the new Feist album last night. It's been kind of a while since I bought music, so I'm kind of excited about this. I haven't listened to it yet. Probably during office hours tomorrow.

I used my Meijer canvas bags again for my groceries last night. I think it's a little extra burden on the checkout people, but worth the effort. I am considering trying out one of those long self-checkout lanes they have now sometime with my bags, because I think that might be fun.

Have you been to jigzone.com? I'm addicted to it. Thanks a lot, intern Megan.

I keep feeling guilty, like I should be doing something for work. Only there isn't any, and I keep forgetting. It's like when you're not working retail anymore but you can't stop yourself from picking stuff up off store floors, or when you're not working in the library, and you ignore instructions not to put books away. I have lots of stuff to do with my manuscript, but I have from now until the end of the year to get a viable copy, and I'll meet that easily.

I believe I shall go to the library and peruse the newest Dance Magazine.

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