Thursday, December 06, 2007

PR 12/5

All righty, time for the weekly PR rundown.
An interesting note about last week: Nina's blog mentions that she also liked Kit's outfit the best. So there!

What's most interesting to me about this week is that I was moaning to Amanda pre-show about more group work this week, and that the only way it would be okay for me is if they had to make a mini-collection.
And that's what they did.
I like mini-collection days. I like to see a variety of outfits toward the beginning of the season, and that's part of the reason I dislike group work so intensely. It cuts down on the number of things I get to see. I've actually been feeling like nothing I've seen so far this year has totally blown me away. I mean, where's the fashion drama? Of course, they haven't had much amazing inspiration yet, either. Still waiting on this year's grocery store.
Anyway...collections. Drama aside, I think the judges made the right decision on the winners. Jillian's team was polished and realistic, but also fresh. Jillian's outfit was lovely...I loved that blue sheer top she put under the bibs. Christian's collection was interesting, but I felt like it wasn't quite at the same level of cohesion. When I watched Team Jillian coming out, I seriously thought they could get away with that at a real runway show. It just felt good.
As far as fashion sins go, I didn't "get" either of the bottom teams' collections...I thought Ricky's outfit was the most hideous, but I really didn't like any of the six outfits at the bottom. This is unusual for me. I didn't blame the judges for giving the winner immediately, because the contrast was just so unbelievably huge.
Also, did anyone notice the model who cleary has no idea how to walk like a model? It was a little bit pitiful, poor girl. She's going to break an ankle.

Looks like there's a revelation of some kind coming up next week, with some tears. Good times.

Sadly, Supernatural tonight seems to be a rerun. The one with the creepy kids. But there is also an intriguing Top Chef holiday special at 9.
Now, you must excuse me. I have to go purch a hockey ticket so I can actually get in to Michigan vs. BGSU tomorrow.


cornshake said...

congrats that the semester is over and so glad you liked the raspberry smoothie! (you coulda totally picked a diff. fragrance if you wanted--i would have never known!) ;)

Abs said...

I love raspberry! It is like summer in my pink bathroom. It reminds me of when we used to have beauteous scrambly raspberry and blackberry bushes by our house, and ran around in the "woods" pretending we were living on them.
So thank you, thank you!

Sarah said...

I was so excited to see "Team Star's" collection, and so caught up in the Victoria-Ricky snafu, that that my eyes skimmed over Team Jillian's subtle pieces. I had to check the images on the website and I'll want to see the runway show again in a rerun, but I think you're right: cohesive, creative, and nicely crafted. I liked Christian's collection, but the patterns were busy and even I have to admit that the black and white got wearisome.

I was sorry to see Chris take the fall. It should have been Ricky, for weakness and previous performance. But then, maybe the judges didn't want to blame him for Victoriya's authority problems. Chris had more control over his team and his own product, yet the collection was still unpleasing.


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