Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hockity Update

#18 BGSU is headed into a home-and-home series with UM this weekend, and since I know you are fascinated by my thoughts on hockey, here is some input from last weekend's series with Wayne State:
1. Passing looked better. There were still some turnovers (I'll have cherry, please), but pucks were actually connecting with sticks in a much more satisfying fashion than usual. Seemed like there were fewer underleds, and more coherence.
2. Two of my students scored, one on power play (David's third, I think) and one even strength (Tommy's first, I think). The power play in general has been tons better than it was initially. The PP unit is getting lots of chances, and also looking for rebounds.
3. Dan Sexton finally got a shorthanded goal; I say finally because I've been waiting for this freshman to get an SHG ever since the season started...he'd already had a number of chances, and his pick-up really got it going this time.
4. When it comes to simple puck handling and keepaway, I enjoy watching Brandon Svendsen do his work. He's a hard battler, and while he's not a huge guy, he has a good command when he has the puck.
5. Generally, I've just really gotten into watching the team develop in its teamwork, its ability to hang together. Things seem to be "gelling" this year, so much so that even BG's typical dull stretch, when they kind of look like they've forgotten what they're doing, was almost unnoticeable in Saturday's game.

That's about it. It was nice listening to the win Friday and watching BG smear Wayne State on Saturday. Michigan should be interesting, and I already know I have to go early to get a seat; pretty sure I won't be able to sit in my usual spot. It's going to be packed up in there, even if the weather is bad.

In other news, I love my new Feist album.

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