Sunday, December 16, 2007

PR This Week

Well, it's blizzardish outside, but let's talk briefly about fashion anyway.
PR this week was interesting; I really liked the challenge. I kind of wanted to step through the TV screen and whack Christian in particular for his snarky attitude about it initially, but I didn't let him dampen my interest in the project. And Steven...well, he was unexpectedly irritating, but he also shot himself in the foot right from the beginning. He doesn't work with white? What the heck is that? I kind of lost respect for him. And whining so much about the type of fabric he had also irritated me, since polyester versions of things are often all I have access to. Shut up and sew already! His final garment wasn't hideous, but it had all kinds of problems and I was not sorry to see him go as a result. At least, unless I'm mistaken, no one made stupid remarks about the ladies' sizes. They weren't stick-shaped models, and they were all different, but everyone respected their achievements and worked to applaud that with clothes.
I really liked Kevin's outfit, and his model was just absolutely aglow about the whole thing. I also actually liked Christian's results and would love to have that blouse/jacket. I loved Jillian's dress, but as Amanda pointed out to me, her lack of use of the original fabric should have kept her out of the running for the win.
You know, since they do some sort of everyday woman/everyday fashion challenge every year, I would have thought the designers would come in knowing that will happen and be prepared for it. Why do they always look so shocked? Instead of getting better designers who are more adaptable, we seem to be getting designers who are less ready to throw it all down and just do it. People like to whine, and that's normal, but being actually unable to perform due to lack of preparation for anything really gets on my nerves. It's like a poet refusing to write a poem unless she has her favorite pen or brand of paper. I don't hold with that kind of nonsense. That's why I'm really still waiting on this year's grocery store-esque challenge. Really shake them up.
Now get off my porch you crazy kids! I got to sew up a scarf of t-shirt squares on which my hockey students have signed their names.


Tudor Rose said...

Okay, not gonna lie, I adore Christian. He totally reminds me of my gay best friend from college. I don't think he's going to win, but for the time being he keeps me watching for the random things he says.

Sarah said...

Do you have any ideas for what you'd have done with the wedding gown? I really wonder what Michael Kors or the Gap guy would have done. I'm stumped, myself. So far, I've considered:

1. A simple shift dress of true red, trimmed at the hem with a few neat bands of white satin and lace

2. A longer, flowy summer dress or shirt and trousers of pale ice blue or creamy yellow (crinkled silk? silk chiffon?) trimmed with bands of the different textures. Maybe some lace appliques. Maybe the skirt could even have gores of the white satin, if done tidily and discreetly. Sounds a bit Angela, though.

3. Some sort of ingenious fitted jacket or cardigan woven of bands of fabric and trim from the dress. Might look too craftsy, though.

4. Nicely draped white satin chemise top, trimmed with lace or left plain, paired with a sharp jacket and skirt or pants. Cuffs, lapels, and/or pocket edges trimmed with white for "pop" value, so Nina isn't bored.

I feel sorry for Steve having to deal with the wedding dress, but had his attitude been better, he wouldn't have landed at the bottom.


Abs said...

I like your ideas, Sarah, especially the chemise for the wedding fabric. That would have made good sense and been very pretty. I think Michael Kors on his blog mentioned something about hot pants, which was interesting and entertaining.
I probably would have done something kind of like Jay McCarroll's art deco chemise top, something with pretty pleats in the front, and maybe a jacket out of the same material, with a complementary skirt, something darker or a pretty wide black and white stripe. Might have lined the jacket with the same material as the skirt and made it reversible. If I had unlimited time. :)