Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On Balance

I feel cross and frustrated. I feel ugly and tired. And so, the glad game:

Today, it is not raining. I see sunshine. I believe I shall take a walk or two.
Last night, I took myself out to dinner at Sam B's. I had a salad and bread, tomato-basil chicken on penne, a glass of reisling, and creme brulee with a cup of coffee. I was full to the brim and felt a little icky by the time I went to bed, but I deserved eating out and decided just to go for it.
New Pushing Daisies and Project Runway tonight.
I am finished reading portfolios.
There are children whisper-yelling outside my office door. They are saying "Be quiet! You're going to give it away!"
I might be able to finish my Christmas shopping on Friday after my workout (also, I worked out yesterday in what I hope will become a regular twice-a-week thing). Presents will be wrapped, oh yes.
Harry Potter 5 is out on dvd. And so is Pirates 3, which I haven't even seen.
I might make cookies tonight. We'll see how the oven feels.

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