Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hey, how was your weekend?

On Friday, I went to the ice arena to dance (I know, it sounds funny, right?) for somewhere in the region of two, maybe two and a half hours. It was bliss. I was exhausted. I also got hugged and picked up (!) by someone nice, and I think I might have smiled a lot.
Most of the weekend I worked my eyes to smithereens. I took a break for the hockey game (BG wins, with passing looking much better than it has recently) and chiseling my car out of the ice. I'm pretty much finished with essays, and that's good, because I just don't think I can stand any more.
Today things haven't been all that great, and I am anxious and tired and weepy, and it is Advent, which makes me even weepier. I'm trying to remember how good I felt on Friday, and thinking about how nice raspberry smoothie from Sephora is, and how cozy big sweatshirts are whether you are in one or someone else is, and how good it will feel to watch a TV show tonight without feeling guilty. And how good it will be to go get groceries tomorrow, and do a new jigsaw puzzle because I'm a nerd. And also that my pretty shoes from La Redoute came, and Lush goodies are on their way.
And now it's time to go to the library to find something nice and escapist to read.
I'll try to be more interesting another time.


Sarah said...

Why does Advent make you weepy? Maybe you need an Advent calendar with chocolate behind the doors. (Did you ever sneak ahead and eat chocolate from the next day, then very carefully close the door again so it looked sealed? Or was that just me?)

I've been almost-weepy at times since this afternoon's family news. Feeling kind of disoriented and faint, really, like I might sigh gently and collapse into a swoon. Fortunately I have a warm baby to cuddle and housecleaning and holiday card-writing to focus on.


Abs said...

I actually do not know why Advent makes me weepy, and have wondered about this for years. Seriously, all you have to do is get a family up there lighting the Advent candles, and I'm a mess. There could be a lot of reasons, but I think it's connected to why I always cry when Wendy Scott sings O Holy Night. The rest of the year I like being a Christian, but something about Advent makes it profoundly sure that I am.
But really, I was weepy yesterday because of the family news, too...but glad that things seem fine. Can't wait until I get to cuddle the baby!
And no, I don't think I ever sneaked on my Advent chocolate... somehow, I considered it an exercise of will not to, and exercises of will always pleased me.