Thursday, March 02, 2006

Break Has Begun

Let it ring forth: I am officially on break.
Granted, I have a pile of 90 essays to grade, and the pile is daunting. But I don't have to give them back right away when school resumes, and I have plenty of time in the interim to get them done, so the usual quota per day will be cut in half. And will not begin until tomorrow. Tra la. Perhaps I shall even spend one or two days in frenzied grading next week to reduce said quota even further. You know. If I get bored.
I plan to sew, write poems, watch TV, and vegetate. I may take a few field trips, assuming my car is behaving. I also plan to rekindle my romance with my bed. Some noon wakeup times are definitely in order.

Haven't caught up with Project Runway from last night, but I did read some of the questions and answers with Tim Gunn on the website; for anyone who has considered the same question, he says yes, the clothes do look very different in person. He specifically mentioned Zulema's Inspiration dress, which was one that made me wonder; the judges sharply criticized her construction, but most of the difficulties weren't visible to the TV viewer. I trust the judges' opinions, but definitely wondered at the difference. You can only imagine how bad some of the problems visible to the TV viewer look in person (though I gather some of the garments look worse on TV also).

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