Sunday, March 26, 2006

What I Did on My Chicago Vacation

P.S. The "Cool Pool" has some sort of crazy mushroom-shaped waterfall in it and a crab toy.
And now, a photo journal of some of my trip:

I presented in Parlor E, 6th Floor

I enjoyed the abundance of the LUSH window before I went inside. Inside, I took a sneaky picture of the same wall. I will not post it here.

The Shedd Aquarium is a mighty fine sight.

Teeny-weeny yellow frogs!

Scary underwater anaconda shot. This thing is massive. Seriously, in its thickest part it is thicker than me, I think. There was only a little bit of it out of water, so I had to work hard for this shot on the far side of its pool.

Pretty, frilly lion fish, just hanging out.

This shark was obsessed with showing his white, white belly.
He's in the awesome Wild Reef, with a ton of other sharks that were harder to capture.

Cute dolphins; they line up like little torpedos after their show. I tried to get a picture of them all in the air and failed miserably. There are actually five, but I only got four here.

Sweetest Beluga Whale ever. He was sitting up looking at these people for ever, so I bent down and snapped a shot between some bodies.

Moon Jellies! Whoo hoo! Some silly people were trying to get them with flash (not allowed, but also not very successful. )
This is an au naturel shot, which looks better on the ELPH and which I had to augment for you.

The Maneaters of Tsavo. Maneless males. I missed out on the good old Mfuwe maneater this time.

Pretty, pretty park sculpture, dancing winged lady. I haven't been able to find out much about her.


Julie said...

Those jellyfish are glowy and beautiful, but they kind of look like pancakes made of ectoplasm.

Abs said...

No, you're right. They do...I think that's what I like so much. They look so flat and mushroomy, but they GLOW. *I* don't glow.

Jennifer said...

I have heard that the Aquarium in Chicago is a great place to spend a fun afternoon. I think the kids would really enjoy seeing all of the marine life!