Thursday, March 09, 2006

Glued to my set

These days, I'm terrified that my TV is going to die; I've had it since sophmore year of college, which was a while ago. Fortunately, it did not die last night, because three interesting shows were on:
1. Cycle 6, America's Next Top Model
Now, I don't watch ANTM all the time, because I hate stupid girly drama and I get tired of watching these people who are inept at speaking in public or emitting valuable emotion. For instance, here's my answer for Gina, who was asked in the "press conference" about how she'd feel if she won, as an Asian woman--evidently she clammed up (I didn't watch that part of the show):
"The idea or allure of Asian-inspired fashion and popular culture is enormous now; figures of Asian women are everywhere. But does anyone know their names? They are anonymous. To me, winning ANTM would be putting a name on that figure."
But at the same time, I was glad I watched the photo part of the show, and the judging. The bald challenge was unique and refreshing, and I think we got to know a lot about those models' true looks. I also enjoyed watching Nigel put Jade in her place; he's the one most able to do so in a cool and refined way, to make her feel stupid without being bitchy himself...though of that he's certainly capable.

2. Project Runway FINALE
You go, Chloe Dao. Truthfully, I wasn't impressed by anyone's collection as a whole. These were weaker collections than Jay's and Kara's last year. Everyone had pieces I liked, and on the whole I liked more of Chloe's than anyone else's. And her fitting? As the judges rightfully pointed out, immaculate. I understood the tough decision they had to make, but when all factors are considered, they made the right choice. I feel sure that all three designers will find a place in the industry.
Interestingly, the clearest and most consistent point of view belonged to Kara, who also showed at Fashion Week (you can find her video on the PR website). Her pieces were collected and colorful. The only problem is that they had the same overall feeling as Jay's collection from last year. Their goals were different, and their fits, but the use of color in a sort of punk beauty, whether casual or evening, was similar. Jay had the head phones, Kara had the woolly caps.
Now, on the same note as the above, in terms of people being dull in official and special places, what is up with the designers looking like crap and sounding like automatons? I understand Olympus, let alone Bryant Park, is the hugest experience, but so is getting married. People write their own vows to recite. Can't you write a vow for Bryant Park? At least Daniel had the jacket. I don't care how tired you are (and this is actually one of Daniel's pet things, I read in an interview), you need to look nice when you appear in public. Put some effort in. You don't want to outshine the clothes, but since you're on the runway for a whole of about five seconds before, and ten seconds after, that isn't likely anyhow. Sheesh, put on something special. It doesn't even take that much time or talent to look special. You don't have to amaze anybody. GRR.

3. Top Chef premiere
I wasn't going to watch this show, but it was on after PR and I was working on finishing a dress and was, anyway, curious about it. I do not approve of the host...she may be smart, but her demeanor and style of speaking doesn't sound it. But the actual challenges were interesting. The first, trying to hold one's own in Fleur de Lys (note the host is the only one who called it 'Fleur de Lease'...qu'est-ce que c'est, ca?), under the watchful eye of Chef Hubert...scary. Just flat scary. I can understand how some of these guys got nervy, and was impressed with the three or so who "passed" that challenge. The second, well, not as exciting, but at least interesting to see people's points of view as they prepared their signature dishes.
I am rooting right now for Tiffani. She rocked the kitchen, and she rocked the final dish. She didn't win either challenge, which made me sad. I am hoping she will be the Chloe Dao, finishing strong in each challenge, and coming back to win the whole thing. She was also the one who had the energy to slap stupid Ken around (yes, Ken, I called you stupid. Your excuses of "that's just the way I am" and "I tell it like it is" are weak and ineffectual; you could just as easily have made similar excuses about being an alcoholic. An uncontrolled temper and disrespect to people you are under is no less a vice.). You go, Tiffani, for calling him out. I also like Lee Anne. Her dish was not so strong, but her kitchen demeanor and drive are great.
I am entertained that Bravo decided a show about the often obsessive and closed-door culinary world would be good TV. It's not like PR, where I can look and say "I could do that, if I applied myself." I could never cook like these people. That's not the way I eat. Maybe that's just my own personal perception working, and it is really on the same level of PR. I like to cook, though, as much as I like to sew, but I know which show I'd succeed more on. ANTM! Just kidding. Well, maybe. Got a camera?

Anyway, so Wednesday night TV turned out to be a good distraction. I finished a cute little black knit dress, though I'm going to let out the hem a little, I think. After the shows I watched some of HP and the Goblet of Fire as I stitched away.
Today it is gray and rainy, with storms possible. My heart feels like it is being squeezed in a rough-hewn box. I need a hug.


Nathan said...

I liked Chloe's collection the least. Her clothes were fine if you could ignore the nonsense that she put around half the models shoulders... but I can not.

Santino should have won.

Anonymous said...

Wow - it seems like every other time I check your journal(s), you've finished another garment! Good work. I want to see pictures from your new camera. Set it up on a shelf with the timer function and take portraits of your bad self.

Perhaps I'm inspiring you to run more, but you're inspiring me to put my dressform back into regular use once I settle in at a new house. Remember that green moire tablecloth you snagged for me when Jacobsen's went out of business (I think that's where it came from)? I've been meaning to make a Victorian-style bustle overskirt from it for *years*. I just need to play with draping and pinning it, and think of a closure method.

I liked Chloe's seams and fit, and that blue gown was exquisite on Grace. But overall, I think Santino's collection had the best flow, texture, color use, and evidence of personal development. It's difficult for me to admit that -- Santino drove me nuts, and he should have been *out* with that jumpsuit for Kara. I was charmed by the portrait of his life in the second-to-last episode, though.

It was interesting to read in Tim's blog that the famous jumpsuit really wasn't bad in person -- but he agreed that it was terrible on TV.


Abs said...

I have been rocking the sewing machine pretty hard; but I'm extra excited because I will be renting the front apartment in my building next year, in addition to mine, and will have way more room for ambitious projects. I have been planning to take pictures, actually...need to get on that.
I agree with you about Santino's use of textures. His color harmony was very interesting; but my favorite was the dress that Andrae did...the 13th look. I am very hopeful that Santino will rock a collection of his own very soon, a la Austin Scarlett. He has a market now, and I have no fears for him at all.

Carrie said...

I did not like Chloe's collection at all. A lot of the pieces seemed redundant to me. And the whole judging process seemed so arbitrary. Anyway, Paul thinks that a guy won last year, so they wanted a girl to win. May be a little cyncial, but makes sense.

And I didn't think Santino's collection was safe- I think it was marketable, which is very different.

Anyway, weighing in late b/c we just got to watching it yesterday!