Thursday, March 16, 2006

On the nature of TV blogs

I always got into reading Tim Gunn's blog re: Project Runway. Occasionally, I was disturbed by mistakes overlooked by editing and proofreading; he's a fashion design guru, not an English one, it's true, but having the life I do I was still sometimes bothered...surely a TV show can afford a good editor before such things are posted (I don't blame Gunn, you see; just those who put the stuff into the very public eye). Since I like and respect Tim Gunn, however, I let such things slide, and continued to read the blog, since mistakes were at least minimal and he remained, in my eyes, appropriately literate.
Imagine my horror when reading the Top Chef blogs and seeing mistakes like run-ons and pronoun issues, and even an incorrect reference to Madame S., the episode 2 judge, in one of the blogs, to the effect of, "Mister S.'s Bondage and Fetish shop." I was disappointed.
These blogs say very little about the contestants' dishes and about the stuff the camera doesn't show, or about the inside of the cooking. What they tend to put in the blog is generic and offering little in the way of insight. Some of the ideas are mildly interesting, but hey...I want to learn about the life of a Top Chef. I want to know the inside scoop on the challenge, and the more complex opinions not able to be included on camera. In other words, give me something above and beyond what I can see on the show.
One thing a judge did this week was offer a few sexy recipes. I thought that was okay, and a nice touch, but frankly, I'm not interested in the judges' visions of sexy. I'm interested in their judgments of the contestants and the chefs' processes in cooking. In short, I miss Tim Gunn.
Top Chef blogs, I hope that, as the season continues, this area will improve for those of us who are truly wanting to learn and see more about the show.

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