Friday, March 10, 2006

In Which I Equate Spring Fever with Shoes

So, I have the VS lookbook in my hands, and the shoe book at home, and I've just realized that I am hungering...HUNGERING...for some new shoes.
I don't need any new shoes, in the conventional sense. I have more pairs than I know what to do with as it is. But as I look at the prettypretty spring heels, one pair of which is a peep-toe with a sunflower and clear straps, one of which is an adorable pair of espadrilles (AlthoughI still haven't learned to walk in these, I want some), I want some new cute summery shoes, appropriate for warm, sunny days. In fact, I want two pairs; one pair of heels, and one thong sandal pair to replace my one pair of flip-flops for "specialer" occasions, since mine, purchased for a pedicure day, are falling apart. I have faced the reality of flip flops and given in to a one or two pair extent. But I love wearing some comfortable heeled shoes in the summer (my feet being flat as Kansas, I need a little lift). I must have some new shoes!

In other news, my legs are still complaining loudly about my athletic activities at the beginning of the week. Obviously I need to work out a little more often.

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