Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fashion, it's just Fashion

Ok, so I had some requests for photos of my projects; here are a couple of the most recent. Sorry about the goofy poses. It's awfully hard to take pictures of oneself in a poorly lit room while distracted by the movie Pillow Talk. I aim eventually to have pictures of all the clothes I've made, but...well, who has the time?


Stephanie King said...

I love the gold shirt! Beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I had been wondering how the plunging backs you were talking about would stay in place, but it all makes sense now that I see the straps across the shoulders. I like them; they add delicate accentuation to a graceful part of the body.

I love the little black dress. It's calling for fishnets and some vintage-style heels. Did you make the brooch, too? it's the perfect touch of color and texture.


Julie said...

Damn girl, you are hot! Love the brocade one. You are mad talented!

Abs said...

Thanks, crew. You give me hope that my clothes are wearable.
I didn't actually make that brooch...I got it from...shoot, I don't remember where. Either a relative's jewelry collection, or an antique store.