Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Two Days 'til Break!

In TV news, Supernatural is moving to Thursdays, just when I got used to watching Gilmore Girls then Supernatural. This makes me kind of sad.
Funniest line of Supernatural: Why don't you try a little thinking with your upstairs brain?"
Or something to that effect.
The season finale of Project Runway starts tonight; I shall be watching it in rerun, as I will not be home until later.

In sewing news, I am working on finishing a blouse which, of course, I made with a plunging back. Again. So far, so good. I made a pattern choice and went with it, and altered it. This one has some long, flowy sleeves that I need to put in yet, then I need to hem the thing. I think it will work. Plunging backs rule!


Anonymous said...

I am also sad about Supernatural moving to Thursday, but mostly b/c my Thursday's are already quite full. The VCR might need to be dusted off - (DVR, why can't you tape more?)

I enjoyed this week's episode immensely. I heart Dean. (And wasn't Dad's truck kinda badass? Nice to know taste in vehicles runs in the family...)

Carrie said...

That was me. Way to login, dumbass...