Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Plunging Backlines

Point one. There's a bird up here. I don't know where it is, but I'm pretty sure someone brought a bird to the office. I can hear it whistling somewhere.

Point two. The kimono top is finished; I'd chosen a very thin fabric, and I'm very skinny, so in a way I'm not as happy with the top as I could be because it sort of enhances my lack of figure. It needs to be Static Guarded, which might help. It's pretty, just perhaps not *quite* what I'd envisioned.
However: I made it with a plunging back. I folded the pattern for the back in from the neckline and made a V that goes down to my waist, just above the waist tie when you blouse the top out. I then made a tie for the top of the back, to keep it closed enough that it wouldn't fall off me. This is pretty daring, but let me tell you: The back frickin' rocks. It looks amazing, and I wish the front were equally as cool, or that I had the bosom to carry off the front as well.
The long and the short of it is that the top won't probably go with the new skirt I made, as I'd intended, but will probably rock a good pair of jeans or my white pants come spring.
I think the kimono top will work in some of the other fabrics I got, which are chiffony and have patterns and so will be less overwhelmingly big and black. I am faced now with the decision of what to do with this gold fabric I got, which I was going to use with another kimono top but I now am having second thoughts. I have a cute wrap pattern I've used before which will work, but I have to admit that the sexiness of the plunging back is appealing to me a lot (I got the idea from a Victoria's Secret shirt of a totally different style but with that plunge). I'm trying to figure out a way to make a sexy top with a better front and a plunge back, that will work with a modification of a pattern I already own. I'm actually trying to think of a way to modify the kimono pattern to suit my need a bit better...V in the front rather than boatneck? Plunging V with closures in front? Is that too much? Some totally other neckline? Short, fitted sleeves instead?
Or am I barking up the wrong tree completely?
I am obsessed with the plunging back idea and don't know why...well, yes I do, it's because I have a nice back and never show it off. And I want something pretty but not overdone...I have some patterns that are perfectly pretty but they don't seem right somehow. This decision is kicking my butt.

Point three. I am going to pick my car up from the Marathon garage. They could not figure out what was wrong with it either. Boo. Going to have to figure out what to do about this.


Paula said...

I've always thought a plunging back WAY sexier than a plunging front. Good for you--bet this DOES rock!

Stephanie King said...

I would say don't go for the plunging V in both the front and back... that's a little too much. But a small V in the front or a U neck might be nice.

Anonymous said...

Speaking from the experience of making my wedding dress, it's difficult to make a stable garment with a low-cut front *and* back. I thought I had a great idea in modifying my gown pattern so that there was a deep "U" in back as well as in front, but I ended up having to safety-pin my sleeve-shoulders tight to my bra straps or the whole thing would have collapsed.


Abs said...

I'm going to throw this out there...I think my comments rule more than any other bloggers' on this planet.
Thanks for the tips, crew!