Thursday, July 27, 2006

PR/Crocheting/More Antiques

1. Project Runway, with Spoilers
As I have now discussed this week's episode with all but one of my regular readers who watch the show (that I know of), PR goes up top today. (Sorry, Sis).
"Gah! "springs to mind when I think about the episode this week. There was much to enjoy, oh yes, but also much that aggravated me. A few politic notes up front: I like how Bravo edited the show this week to more deftly turn the audience against Keith. He got a little weird last week, but this week he was a brat, plain and simple. Tim Gunn's comment from his blog: "Keith and his petulance are becoming irksome." Right on as always, Tim Gunn. I especially liked...I mean Keith thought he should have won since his construction was, in his mind, so far above everyone else's, even though he really didn't meet the challenge at all and could have been kicked off simply for that. Unchecked arrogance makes me cross.
Now...good things to cleanse our minds:
Tim Gunn walking 13 tiny dogs. How adorable is that?
Some truly knock-out designs: Alison, Laura, Michael, and Uli stood out to me as top 4, not necessarily in that order. I also thought Jeffrey's was attractive.
I like that there are, every week, several designs that are lovely and immaculate. I hope that continues. Tim Gunn points out how many more designers are doing sleeves this season, which is indeed interesting. Remember how hard it was for people to put together a simple jacket before?
Ambivalent things:
I was not impressed with Kayne's garment, which didn't show up well on my TV, and Bradley was really more of a middle runner than a frontrunner for me. I neither loved nor hated Robert's, and Bonnie's looked like it might have been nice, but I really couldn't see it as well as I'd have liked (and the PR website pic is too tiny).
Things that bothered me, besides Keith:
Angela. Carrie and I are in total agreement that we'd wear something like Katherine's garment, and I thought it was irksome that the judges picked on her construction, whereas Tim Gunn in his take said it was well constructed. Hmm. In any case, I would much rather have kept her on for a while and dumped Angela. Tim points out Angela's definite point of view, but I question the merit of that when there is no taste level.
I am also bothered, and I know I'm not the only one, by the scanty coverage of Michael. Perhaps he's interview shy, or doesn't talk to Tim Gunn much, but he's really the only designer we haven't heard much from...he had a couple of soundbytes last night, but honestly, I'd really like to hear more from him. I do like that I get a chance to judge him solely based on his fashion, which is nicely unbiased and lends more credence to my respect for his work, and he may simply be a quieter individual, but I feel like his airtime needs to increase, stat.
Vincent. Geez. I'm sorry, I can't deal with him. I can't believe, either, that he didn't get called out for utter ho-hum in terms of the garment. Katherine's was vastly more interesting to me. Vincent's has been was called the 80s.

2. Crocheting
I made this...Darn, I can't get pictures to work. Going to have to wait on that one, I guess.

3. More Antiques
Yesterday I went to the Maumee Antique Mall, which I think might be larger than Jeffrey's, but which is sort of like an antique store combined with Goodwill or a similar thrift store, with stuff from the 80s and 90s (I spotted video tapes that can't be more than five years old, too) mixed in. It was still enjoyable, though my furniture confusion continues. This time I took notes and pictures of items that might work in my new place, so now I have notes from Jeffrey's, notes from Maumee, notes from IKEA, and shorter notes from places like Target and Pier 1's websites for further reconnaissance. Pier 1, despite its new high-end direction, still has nicely cheap glassware ($3 simple wine glasses, for instance), as well as some cute bowls and some nice dinnerware. Target has impressed me of late with its website's many products, though I'd prefer not to order things...hopefully the store will have some neat stuff.
I am simultaneously making a plan of attack for buying stuff and reminding myself I need to downsize my plans a little...I'm not outfitting the whole darn house in antiques, I'm simply seeking one or two or maybe three good pieces to go with some simple, cheap, but nice new pieces so that I have a place I can genuinely work in. Or pieces I can paint or stain, like IKEA's unfinished woods! For instance, I don't need both an antique table and an antique desk, especially when I have my eye on the previously mentioned antique china hutch and perhaps an old rocker (of which I found several, in good shape). Someday, I'll have a house, so I also want to make sure the furniture I have will blend.
Anyway, I bought three pairs of shoes!


Carrie said...

I totally agree with you about Micheal- his dress was hot this week, and I want to know more about him. Paul and I are assumming that he'll become a factor later on, hence the lack of coverage now. I like his partnership with Laura; those two still seem banded together despite appearing as an odd pair from the outside. I liked Laura's outfit this week, but I think that it was too reminiscent of the first assignment. Two big fur collared coats in three weeks? Is she running out of ideas? Anyway, I agree that Michael's, Alison's and Uli's designs were the best. I find it hard to believe that Uli's self taught! That makes me even more impressed with her.

I totally think that this season's cast is more talented, with the exceptoin of ridiculous Angela and Vincent. Did you know that she lives off the grid on an organic farm? I don't know if that makes me like her more or less. Those two can't be gone fast enough. So frustrating!!!

I'm glad you liked the Maumee Antiques Mall. Paul and I will definitely go back after we know what we want. The most promising things were several nicely framed mirrors that were much cheaper than buying new ones.

MAW said...

I'm in total agreement about Michael. He has the potential to be a really interesting 'character' - how often do they get a handsome, straight guy on this show? - and they're totally screwing him with lack of judging appreciation and air time. His garment was gorgeous this week. I'm not saying he should have won hands down, but he should have been in the top three. I cry racism! Or heterosexism! You pick.